Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 18: Family Devotion

My husband and I have a devotion every morning and evening. We discuss about our plans for the day in the morning, and about how our day was in the evening. We talk about other things, too, and do some other things, and end it with a prayer and a kiss.

Yes, I know, sounds like Christianity, and neither of us is Christian, but God, prayer, devotion and spirituality is not Christian. (Or Christian only, I suppose I should say.)

Now, I'm going to talk about family devotion time and kids' activities, even though we don't have children. [If we did, they would be included to this. My husband would also bless our children at every Shabat, just like he reads the "A woman of valor" to me every Shabat :-) (And even though I am not Jewish, it's me who lights the Shabat candles and bless his G-d, and I bake the Challah.)]

I started this blog to increase the spiritual aspect of Paganity, and the connection with God. (Or Gods, if you have more than one. I am such a rarity as monotheist Pagan, so my husband's and my spiritual views fit well together, even though there are some elementary differences, which make us a Jew and a Pagan :-))

The Church of  LDS have this "family home evening", and I think it's a great idea.
Songs and Stories for Samhain

recipe for a soul cake :-)

Family Halloween activities - sounds great :-) Though I miss the spiritual part of Samhain.
Halloween shouldn't be about scary things only. Vampires, mummies and zombies don't even really belong to this time of the year... because the scary "monsters" and ghosts of Samhain are part of the borders being open at this time of the year, so the spirits of ancestors (= ghosts) and lifeforms from other dimensions and worlds (= monsters) were being perceived, experienced, sensed... it's not about the monsters of this world, like fully human serial killers or corps.
On the other hand... part of our modern culture is to put all the monsters to live in "their world", like in "Addams Family", "Halloween Town" or "Hotel Transylvania".
Who am I to say that a mummy isn't someone's forefather coming to visit their descendants?
Also, I believe all the alien stories are today's version of all the fairy stories of olden age. (That's also something to discuss...)

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