Friday, October 25, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 25: Touch

In my mind a good Holiday celebration appeals to and stimulates all senses. The sensory experience of a feast is a huge part of creating memories.
It is also the only way you can separate reality from movies and internet... those appeal only to eyes and ears. You can't feel the softness of a pretty afghan in a movie, you can't taste the delicious looking pie or smell the glorious flowers of a nice decorating photo on the Pinterest. You have to experience that in "real life".
This is very important and a big reason to why you should bother at least a bit and actually do SOMETHING to hallow the Sabbaths.

So, how to appeal and stimulate your sense of touch?

Touch can be manipulated through materials, weight, softness, and comfort. The first thing that comes to mind is blankets, but remember that we feel everything we touch. From door handles to cutlery, our clothes, the floor and everything we sit on... Try to create as much sensory experience and as good sensory experience you can. 

Also, think back to your idea of Samhain. What tactile experience would you associate with those things? How could you express, for example, belonging to a family line through touch? 

It could be, for example, to use some of the items that you have inherited, or if you haven't inherited anything, you could research the time of some of your ancestors, and try to recreate the life as they knew it, by getting antique items. Now, I am rather sensitive when it comes to that, so I can't go and get just any old thing, but I have items my ancestors have hold, even some they have made themselves, and I like to have them available at this time of the year.

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