Saturday, October 19, 2013

31 Days of Inspired Holidays: day 19: Desserts

I like eating soups in Autumn. In my home soups are not quick meals, but they take care of themselves. If there's not enough fluids, the soup becomes a stew, and that's good too, though I like it less than soups. With soup I like to have buttered bread, usually black Scandinavian rye. (I'm Finnish, my husband is Danish, we are both people raised with black rye. Unsweetened. The Swedes like a bit sweeter bread than the Finns and Danes, and back in the 90's it wasn't easy to find unsweetened black rye in Sweden. The situation is much better now.)

What I think suits well as dessert for a bowl of hot soup, is something baked. Like pies and cakes. My husband loves sauce (like most Libras do, have you noticed?) and he wants sauce with cake, too. Frosting is adequate, some glaze, or just whipped cream, but some sort of sauce he must have :-)
Chocolate and coffee (mocca) is also great as Autumn dessert, with the rich brown color that goes so nicely with the Autumn leaves and bare tree branches and bare soil of Autumn.

I think crumble pie is a very nice Autumn dessert, with the rustic feel to it. It's really good eaten with a good vanilla custard or ice cream, perhaps a light dusting of cinnamon, to finish the dessert plate.

Also try this sticky toffee pudding without dates - or with dates, as it's usually made - it's delicious both ways.

Another thing that to me belongs to Autumn are nuts and almonds. Try this walnut crust for your pies. You can use any nuts to make that paleo pie crust.

And of course "pumpkin pie spices" - gingerbread spices... cinnamon, allspice, gloves, nutmeg, ginger, cardamon... this chocolate pumpkin cheesecake combines about everything about Autumn into one delicious treat. This roasted pumpkin spice cake doesn't sound bad either :-)

 Country Living's dessert table. 
I love that aqua pedstal in the middle of all the brown and orange shades... 
such a nice contrasting color click!

Here's a very nice article about "holiday open house" - and the dessert table.  That would not be a bad idea for Samhain. Perhaps a combined "open house" and "mute dinner"?

For cookies, you could try this pecan shortbread with chocolate drizzle.

Very nice fall dessert recipes

Now... to me lemons and oranges have absolutely nothing to do with this time of the year. Cranberries and lingonberries are there to provide the tartness, if that's what you desire. You could try a cranberry meringue pie. [Replace cranberries with lingonberries, if you life in Scandinavia ;-)]

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