Tuesday, August 1, 2017

30 Days to Add Magic to Every Day, Day 1

 "Pick dandelions and make a wish."

Now it's August so there won't be that many dandelions to make a wish upon :-D
 Blowing the dandelion seeds off is divination in two different ways. One is the idea that "if you manage to blow all the seeds off in one blow, you will get married (or have your wish become true)". It doesn't always happen, but most often, and it's highly probable people will get married if they wish to. The other is that the little seeds fly away and disappear from sight, and it is believed they are carrying your wish with them - to God? Fairies? Your beloved, to whisper your wish into his/her ear?

Here's 10 more "things" to wish upon 

So is this a scientific truth? Not likely, but being a witch and adding magic in your life isn't about scientific truths and facts. It's about beliefs and superstitions.

A lot of people have difficulties with this. Our society is so focused on the worship of science and skepticism that we are forgetting the values of storytelling, imagination, the mere enjoying of things without the need to figure out how things work and what makes them tick. It's like rainbows. Knowing it's an optical effect with sunlight and raindrops doesn't make it less or more wonderful. I always get happy when I see rainbows. They really have no other purpose.
Or glitter. I love the opalescence, iridescence, all that is "just" an optical quality of the surface. So what?

Is wishing upon a dandelion, star or birthday candles somehow bad? Of course not. I'm sure some people will start whining about the consequences and slippery slope to perdition, but those concerns can - and should - be countered in other ways than forbidding superstitions or mocking people "doing stupid things".
In my reality there is both God and fairies, because I like it that way. It doesn't mean I'm sitting on my fat ass and waiting for someone or something to serve me everything I need and want on a silver platter decorated with unicorns and stars. It means that I believe in underlying goodness. It means that when bad things happen, I will get OK again. Everything will be OK. I choose to believe God made dandelions into small balls of flying things just so that humans could try to blow all the little parachoots away. Scientifically it's just one way of spreading the seeds, but believing there is a God who invented this and made it happen doesn't take anything away from the science. Sure, evolution, but that's how God makes things.
And if I want to think I can make a wish and somehow blowing the dandelion seeds helps the wish come true, what bad is in that? Nothing. If you think there is, you should really check your ideas of what is your business and what not.

The purpose with all this is not for people to base their lives on wishful thinking, sitting and waiting for someone or something to give you everything you need and want in life. It's to embrace the unknown as something positive. It's to add some glitter and rainbows to your life, magic, myths and mystery.

Based on The Witch of Lupine Hollow: 30 Ways to Live a More Magickal Life Everyday

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