Thursday, August 31, 2017

30 Days to Add Magic to Every Day, day 31

30 days of magical roots challenge

"So many of us get stuck in a rut over the years of our magical practice, and this is a fun way to revisit some basics."

Day 1: Divination
Day 2: Grounding
Day 3: Centering/Breath-work
Day 4: Intentions
Day 5: Energy work
Day 6: Shielding
Day 7: Yoga pose
Day 8: Meditation
Day 9: Daily practices
Day 10: Herb/Plant/Tree
Day 11: Write a spell (& perform it for bonus points!)
Day 12: Deity
Day 13: Stone/Crystal
Day 14: Incense
Day 15: Kitchen Witchery
Day 16: Connect with Mother Earth
Day 17: Raise some energy
Day 18: Elemental magic
Day 19: Sacred Space/Circle Casting
Day 20: Ethics
Day 21: Symbols
Day 22: Self-Purification
Day 23: Book of Shadows/Grimoire
Day 24: Sabbats
Day 25: Esbats
Day 26: Create a sigil
Day 27: Healing
Day 28: Magical Podcasts
Day 29: Astrology
Day 30: Make a commitment to yourself

Some points from "Daily Practices"

"carry something blue on you, it wards off negativity"

"bless the food you eat, thank the life that was given to support yours"

"Change your computer desktop, password, etc. to something that reflects or reminds you of the season, a current spiritual goal, or a particular deity."

"Consider a simple physical act or decoration that is meaningful to you. A piece of jewelry dedicated to a particular deity, a choice in how you wear your hair, a tattoo, a special way of painting nails..."

"eat seasonally"

Try to infuse your everyday practice with spiritual meaning, like add a cleansing ritual to your morning shower. Add cleansing ritual to your home cleaning practice and dedicate it to a deity. Add a ritual to your exercise practice. Add trans-like meditation to every monotonous practice, from washing the dishes to exercise. See that the colors of things you use fit the magical purpose of what you do with the things, like at your workplace, you could choose a green planner for economical growth and prosperity.

15 ways to do witchcraft every day

Everyday Magic; witchcraft for busy lives 

Some things I have been thinking about, or missing from the list. 

* more focus on herbalism, plants, gardening, devas etc. Connection with the plant based lifeforms.

* Connection with the other kind of lifeforms, like angels and fairies, elementals and such. There's this book, by D.J.Conway, "Magical, Mystical Creatures".
I also really recommend the first chapters of The Findhorn Garden, that is, the stories of Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy, Dorothy Maclean and Robert Ogilvie Crombie. Then you can stop, the rest is just... New Age Crap. Eileen Caddy speaks about her connection to God, which is the kind of connection I want. Dorothy speaks about the devas and ROC about fauns and other such creatures. That is what I want with my relation to the other lifeforms on this planet.
So this also includes channeling and communicating with spirits. 

* I want to really get my spellwork in order. To me being a witch is using magic, not just "I could if I wanted, bothered to..."
* this also includes potions, charms, amulets, talismans and other such witchy things

* connection with the elements, elemental magic, and not just elementals, but the elements.

* dreamwork

* divination - I want more of that

* energy work

I also find this blog interesting from this point of view. Magick 365
Everyday Witchcraft for a dorm room witch

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