Tuesday, August 22, 2017

30 Days to Add Magic to Every Day, Day 22

"Wear a crystal pendulum as a necklace so you’re always ready to do a little scrying."
 One thing about that, though... the chain might obstruct a little in scrying, so choose a chain that you can move so that it can hang in the clasp while you are using it as a pendulum, and choose a thin chain.

 Pendulum Scrying: How to Use a Pendulum for Divination

Now, this is not a crystal but a specially created divination pendant. The glass vial has been filled with mugwort and yarrow, but it looks like the bottle can be opened and filled with something else, for example, if one wishes to look for gold, one can place a small amount of gold in the vial, aso.

Based on The Witch of Lupine Hollow: 30 Ways to Live a More Magickal Life Everyday

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