Tuesday, August 8, 2017

30 Days to Add Magic to Every Day, Day 8

"Bless your kitchen utensils, such as spatulas and wooden spoons,
that all the food you make with them will promote healing and love."
You do this by for example anointing them with olive oil. You take a drop of olive oil on your finger and trace a holy symbol, such as a cross or pentagram, on the kitchen utensil and appliances. As you do so, concentrate on what you wish from the thing; many years of service, delicious food, love between all who eat the food prepared with these things. What ever it is you wish.

BTW, choose all the things in your kitchen by their witchy appearance as well. Most things come in all kinds of appearances now-a-days and it shouldn't be difficult to find things that "look right". This simple thing is also magic, even though it's more stage magic than witch magic. Your clothes, your environment, the things you use, make you feel more witchy, which makes you be more witchy. Headology, as Terry Pratchett would have said. ;-)

Wood carving by Giles Newman

Based on The Witch of Lupine Hollow: 30 Ways to Live a More Magickal Life Everyday

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