Sunday, August 6, 2017

30 Days to Add Magic to Every Day, Day 6

"Go outside on a full moon and look up at the bright sky."

Create your own Esbat ritual and tradition and start celebrating the full moon, the beauty of it and the influence of it.

The name "Esbat" comes from French esbattre, which means to flap one's wings; to attack; to battle and to have fun, enjoy oneself, to frolic - so go out on this night and flap around a little. Or a lot.
It's time to embrace the animal in you and let your hair grow. Be a little lunatic.

Full moon magic is about families, especially mothers and their children - even your inner child and inner mother; wholeness and fulfillment; psychic awareness and intuition

Drawing Down the Moon

Cakes and Ale

Moon in astrology - find out your moon sign and what it means, and celebrate that part of you on this day

Here's some moon superstition:
Hang your laundry to dry under the full moon and it will get brighter
Avoid arguing with people, any kind of interaction that might lead to arguments
If you are sick, stay away from the light of full moon. If you are healthy, bathe in the light of full moon. Full moon is believed to fix the state.
Don't sleep under the full moon; it might bring sickness and ill health. (Fixing the sleeping state...)
Don't look at the moon over your left shoulder, it's bad luck. Looking at the moon over your right shoulder is good luck.
Don't disrespect the moon. Never swear at moon or show it the finger, or other such things.

Researching moon deities and their respective areas of patronage gives you more insight to moon.

Based on The Witch of Lupine Hollow: 30 Ways to Live a More Magickal Life Everyday

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