Monday, February 21, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 3

How to make pompom chickens
We actually made a special card form for the chicks in school (some 30 years ago...). It had a smaller circle on top of the larger circle, so on didn't need to join two pompoms.
Use thin yarn and cover the circles as tightly as you can, so you get a nice surface for your pompom chick.
You can also make pompom bunnies.
Or these, a little more advanced pompom bunnies with pipe cleaners and cupcake liners.

Bunny buns for Ostara brunch:
Hot cross bunny buns
Easter bunny buns and another recipe with a nicer image
German bunny rolls
egg and bacon filled steamed bunny bao
eating rabbits

The bunnies on top of the egg sticks are made of salt dough.

Easter bunny is a Pagan fertility symbol, and the animal of the Moon Goddess. The egg is a symbol of the Sun God, whose animal is the rooster. At Ostara the Sun God and Moon Goddess come together, night and day are in balance, equally long.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, children sat on the lap of the Easter Bunny as they now sit on Santa's lap. Some surviving photos are quite scary :-D

I need to get a photo and color the bunny but then this is done :-)

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