Friday, February 25, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 7

There's tons of simple Ostara ornaments one can make of felt. You can cut the figures with the help of cookie cutters and then just sew together with embroidery floss and add some decorations with more floss or by gluing on more felt, like Brooke did here. Eggs, bunnies, chicks and lambs are all good for Ostara, also all spring flowers. 

Quilted ball tutorial 1 and 2 - use Ostara fabrics; yellow, green and pastels, so your ornament will look Ostara-y.

I just noticed that Final Fantasy is having Little Ladies' Week. I suppose it is to honor Hinamatsuri, the Girls' Day in Japan, celebrated on March 3rd. On 8th of March is then the International Women's Day. I think we should apply this in some ways to our lives. We all need to embrace the little princesses in our hearts, and drink pink lemonade and dress in our best clothes - or as fairytale princesses :-D Just think about Enchanted :-) It is a lovely movie, and I say we need a little bit of that in our everyday lives.

Some Ostara recipes

Making a bunny out of napkin for Ostara table setting. The photo isn't very good, but I hope you can figure out how to do it :-)

Added: Here's the same at Good Housekeeping and here's a bit different napkin bunny

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