Sunday, February 27, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 9

Edain McCoy in her book The Sabbaths says that the lily, Easter Lily, was a symbol of life and love in the ancient Rome. I really don't trust her much, but I like her tales and stories. Holiday traditions have been born with less credibility, so I don't much care whether she has her facts right or not.

...[Lily] adorned Ostara altars and temples. Young men, playing the role of the lusty young God, would present them (lilies) to the young women they were courting. Accepting the lily meant much the same thing as accepting a diamond ring does now.

The classic origami lily
How to make a gumpaste lily
Easter lily is naturally all white, with just a touch of green-yellow in the center. You could paint the petals with a little green and gold.
hand lily :-D
crepe paper lily
very pretty paper lilies 
Nice egg carton lilies. Just paint them white.

crepe paper crocuses
very pretty paper crocuses

So cute chalkboard pots :-) and other tutorials from "Totally Tutorials"

They are NOT called "toad in a hole". That's sausages in Yorkshire pudding (which in Sweden is called pancake.)

I call these "bullseye" or "one-eyed egg sandwich" and make them as sandwiches.
I fry one piece of graham toast, an egg sunny side up, and another piece of sandwich with a hole cut on with an egg cup, and the "hole" should be fried too. Then I assemble the sandwich - one piece of fried graham toast, the egg, sunny side up, yolk in the middle, season it with some salt and paprika, the hole-y piece of fried toast, carefully placing the yolk in the hole, and then top it with the fried "hole". It doesn't need any butter or mayonnaise or so, the frying makes the bread greasy enough. It's really delicious, and one "villain" to my obesity. But it's really good, looks nice and would work as part of Ostara brunch :-)

Really easy fleece bunny.  Make a whole row on the window cill :-D

I really dislike Martha Stewart, but she has an army of great photographs and wonderful, talented craftswomen working for her...

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