Monday, February 21, 2011

It is so amazing

to find no interest what so ever to this. Why am I even bothering?

I mean... I have been looking for Easter/Ostara things the last month or so, and I find practically nothing. No-one seems to be interested in Easter/Ostara. We Pagan have a wonderful chance of taking back our holidays, drown the Christianized versions, beat the drum for the forgotten ones, make each and every one of The Eight as big as "Halloween" and "Christmas", but no.

Kelli's easter decoration
Kelli is not Pagan, but Christian, but I like her style. This scene especially is lovely.

Pagans don't seem to be much interested in antique and vintage things, interior design, entertaining, household, decorating, even crafts. It amazes me to no end, because I always looked at myself as some sort of mediocre, ordinary and rather uninteresting person, that the world is full of people, others than me, who DO things. I am a dreamer, they are the doers... and no it seems that I have to become a doer to make my dream come true.

I don't have a house. I live in a rather shabby apartment, and not shabby chic, just shabby. Nothing has been done here since 70's when the house was built, the floors are plastic carpeting from 70's, the wallpapers are painted several times over, and they weren't put in place especially well in the first place either. The ceiling... oh. I don't even want to talk about the kitchen. All in all, I live in a place which is NOT a good "backdrop" for different Sabbath ideas, and I am not a good photographer. And... so on and so forth. I'm no Martha Stewart, that's for sure. Especially not economically ;-)

But I thought there are Pagans out there who live in pretty houses, who are creative and productive, who like holidays and love to decorate their pretty houses for the different holidays, and go holiday crazy 8 times a year. Of course we all have our favorite holiday, but why keep quiet of the rest?

Christmas About 665,000,000 results
Valentine's Day About 173,000,000 results
Halloween About 168,000,000 results
Easter About 91,100,000 results
Thanksgiving About 70,800,000 results
Yule About 18,900,000 results
Passover About 10,900,000 results
Midsummer About 10,700,000 results
Rosh Hashanah About 7,450,000 results
Purim About 7,420,000 results
Fourth of July About 5,530,000 results
Samhain About 4,010,000 results
Beltane About 993,000 results

Pesach About 962,000 results
Mabon About 538,000 results
Litha About 482,000 results
Ostara About 425,000 results
Imbolc About 330,000 results
Lughnasadh About 99,900 results
I really believed that when Pagans might not be rich and conventionally "pretty" "cute", but more bohemian, indie eccentric, special and a bit surreal, and replacing the lack of material resources with excess of mental resources, creativity and imagination, motivation to experiment with unusual materials, and artistic abilities to create oneself what one cannot afford to pay to someone else to create, like fancy scrapbook papers and stamps.

But where are they?
Are Pagans so bohemian and independent that they don't even bother celebrating the traditional holidays?
Where are the Pagan soccer moms and domestic goddesses? Where are house witches (apart from kitchen witches and hedge witches)?

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