Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 6

In Finland the tradition is to sow ryegrass (not rye, even though some people sow cereals, like wheat) in small bowls, baskets or trays. It is usually still winter outside.
Some people make fake grass by weaving or sewing "ryijy" (rya rug) with spring green linen thread.
One can also grow mustard and cress. Pretty and good on sandwich ;-)

eggs  covered with yarn, felt face added

Ostara symbols: eggs, rabbits, cauldrons; Ostara is about New Life, beginnings, birth. All life starts from an egg - or a seed, which is practically the same thing, so both eggs and seeds are good to eat at Ostara.
Ostara magic is about new beginnings, life and fertility and balance, as this is Spring Equinox. It is good to plant seeds as part of the ritual or spell cast during Ostara.

Meditate on the imagery of the seed. Consider a seed and how it relates to the earth, how it falls from its mother plant into a rich loam made from the breakdown of other plants. Consider how the seed is influenced by sun and rain, by the energy from sky and earth. 
Or Contemplate as a seed an idea or situation in your life, then imagine the seed breaking open and sending out roots and sprouts. Study what these roots and sprouts look like, where they find barriers and where they grow most strongly.

There are two different opinions on Pagan egg hunts. As the Pagans used to hide eggs in the nature as gifts to the nature spirits, one theory is that the early Christians used children to find out their Pagan neighbors, as the kids found the eggs, and the people whose property the eggs were found on were supposedly Pagans.
This is though just a theory. I believe it's good to organize egg hunts, as there are always eggs that are not found and then will be left to the nature spirits and wildlife.
You can also take a walk in the wild and toss Ostara eggs into the woods. Someone will find them and be happy. ;-)

Here's a funny Ostara egg hunt for group of adults :-)

You can also make a private, family egg hunt. Get a present for each member of the family and hide them, in paper eggs if you wish, around the house, and have the family members search for their eggs. If you want, you can have several eggs for each member, or appoint each member of the family to get an egg to one other member of the family, like Secret Bunny, and also hide the egg.
Don't get candy or sweets in the gift, but something else enjoyable and likable, like paper dolls or small book of tricks or puzzles.

Here you have two tiny cacti in egg cups. You could start a tradition of giving cacti and other succulents in egg cups as Ostara gifts to your family and friends, so that in the end everyone has a wonderful terrarium AND a collection of egg cups. :-D

One traditional Easter meal in Finland is mämmi. The sweet flavor is very specific, but best cold with cold cream or milk. One can add a little sugar if one wishes.

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