Sunday, March 25, 2012

#1 Fun and Frugal Family Tradition for Spring Equinox

I always loved the family acting sessions from Little Women... That is something the whole family can do together and the props are easily made of old bedsheets and paper. Preparing the play includes a lot of practical education options. It is also a great way of introducing your faith's stories to your children.

You can also create a display, scene or diorama to illustrate the story. I love the Neapolitan presepios with dozens, sometimes hundreds of elaborate dolls... As you collect these dolls year by year, it becomes a wonderful holiday tradition.

The best known stories for Spring Equinox are the meeting of Persephone and Demeter and Cybele and Attis. There is also one about Freya and Idun from the Norse tradition. Nothing much is known of Eostre, the Goddess that gave name to Ostara. The arena is thus pretty much free for you to create your own legend which to illustrate. You can also create a diorama in which all of these stories and others you like are being illustrated.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Our Little Princess love to put up puppet shows. In the last one, Ken was upset because Barbie would not let him wear her dress so he could infiltrate a castle and save one of Strawberry Shortcake. No clue where she gets this stuff, but it is fun to help her entertain herself and us ;-)

Ketutar said...

Of course she should have allowed him to borrow the dress... or go and rescue Strawberry Shortcake herself! Oh, so wonderful! :-D
I love kids :-)