Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#3 Fun and Frugal Family Tradition for Spring Equinox

One of the big things about Christmas in my childhood was the advent calendars. We used to compare the "gifts" at school, and I was very envious to those who had the tiny plastic toy calendar...
Use the dozens of Christmas countdown calendar/activity lists as inspiration and decorate it to suit the Holiday. For Ostara you would make it in pastels or yellows and greens and decorate with eggs, chicks, baby lambs and bunnies, and early spring flowers, or what ever you associate with Spring Equinox.

I think the lists of stocking stuffers are excellent to help you fill the boxes or pouches, if you go for a gift calendar, but remember that children are not greedy, and would accept something as simple as a candy or nice picture.

You can create your own collector trading cards... for example with deities. There's plenty of resources on-line to help you do this. (I really like the idea of pentagon cards... more witchy, I think :-D)

You could even create your own trading card game, so the kids can play it during the holiday to stay out of harm's way...

The point with this is to help the children to endure the long wait for the holiday and make it more exciting and special. Human beings are made that way - if we make a "big deal" of the waiting time, the event that is being waited for gets bigger too... but use the opportunity to share your beliefs with your family, make the countdown about why you celebrate Spring Equinox. So - why do you celebrate it? What is the meaning of this holiday for you? What is the message of Eostre to you and your family?

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