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Ego Babble

As part of the Pagan Blog Project 2012 a lot of people chose to write about ego...
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Faerie Daughter touches it in "I Read an Ekhart Tolle Book"
(P.S. I have started to read it... Here's what I think of it so far...)

I don't like the "ego talk". It's like chakras or other concepts people in the New Age community love to talk about.

I find it amusing that it's always someone else who's suffering of ego :-)

I might have a strong sense of self. After all, that is all I know. I am me.
I cannot know how other people are feeling or thinking, not even if they tell me, because everyone lies and everybody is full of crap and know nothing (me included.)
(I have lost the "I'm full of it and know nothing" reference. It was posted in Gaia community 2009 or 2010, and that community doesn't exist anymore. But it went something like this:
Someone told a story about a shaman who taught him the secret of wisdom.
"Step one: admit, understand and acknowledge, that you are full of shit and know nothing.
Step two: When ever you think you know something, go back to step one."

I mean - that's the correct picture of every human being - even people considered "highly evolved" by the Pagan community. There are things no-one knows about us. No-one knows how we would react in an unknown situation. We know how we would LIKE to react, we know how we HAVE reacted when in similar situation, but as we all grow all the time, none of us is the same person today as we were yesterday, and tomorrow we'll be yet another person...  Anyway...

As I am the only person I can change, as I am the only person I can have at least an idea of why I do things etc. I shouldn't care about other people and their possible "ego".

The New Age Spiritual community - in which I count Neopagans - seem to think ego is some sort of evil spirit that possesses people to be egocentric and egoistic. It's something other people have problems with. It's something other people should deal with so that there wouldn't be as many problems in the community.


*I* am the only person I can change.
*I* am the only person I can influence.
*I* am personally responsible for my thoughts, ideas, attitudes, reactions - even feelings, though my husband would oppose to that sentiment.

As far as I know this entire world exists only in my head. As far as I know it is created for me. As far as I know it is created by me...

Now, I don't believe that. I believe in the material world created by Creatrix, and I am part of that creation. I believe we are here together, all the "egos", created by Creatrix, all Goddess' children... and She loves us all... even more so because we are not copies of each other. Because we are "egos" - all unique, all having our own distinct persona, all with our own specific virtues and vices, with our own individual experiences and insights...

Individual, unique, special "egos"... 

I have been collecting quotes and sayings and such that speak to me at Pinterest. Most of them are about this fact; that *I* indeed am an "individual existence" - "ego" as New Age Spirituality defines it.

*I* am responsible for my choices.
*I* am responsible for my own happiness.
*I* am responsible for my own life.
And so on and so forth.

I believe we have been put on this earth, this highly material, existing world, this amazing, beautiful, wonderful, lovely earth, to be "egos", because that is the only way to learn... and we need to learn. What it is like to have a body. What it is like to sense. What is this very material, sensual, existing, egoistic pleasure and joy we can only experience through an earthly, material body...

Angels don't know what it is. Spirits don't know what it is. We do...

It must mean something, it must be important.

According to Finnish shamanism "ego" - "self" - is self-esteem, self-image and consciousness. If one loses it, one gets depressed, sad, anxious and unhappy. One can be isolated from one's "ego". That happens to people who are being bullied, tortured, forced to live in fear, ignored, abused, used, exploited, etc. etc. PTSD is another name of being separated from one's "ego". As far as I can see it, this is the worst sickness of the modern world. We have lost ourselves... we have lost our "ego".

I have a challenge to all who speak of "ego" as if it was something bad.

Stop using names. There is no Dalai Lama. There is no Eckhart Tolle, no Deepak Chopra. Think of the person you think is most spiritually awake and evolved and wise, and know he/she doesn't exist.
You don't exist.

Remove all the (c) marks from your blogs and photos and writings. Denounce all income from books and speeches/lectures. Live by copyleft.
Remove your profile from your blog. Actually, don't have a profile on the internet. Don't have a blog, don't have a facebook account, don't have an account on any internet forum. There is nothing that would need a profile. You don't need to comment anything, because you don't have an opinion. You have nothing to teach to anyone, you have nothing to say to anyone, because you don't exist, and neither does anyone.

Besides, we are all full of shit and know nothing, and at the same time know everything we need to know, deep inside ourselves, where the One dwells...

There is no anyone, someone, everyone... all those words are based on the idea of individual ego-self. There is only One, and that's not you, nor me, not he or she.
Don't use the words "I", "you", "he", "she" or "they". There's only "we".

Actually, denounce all income. You don't exist, so there's no need to be rewarded for what this "you" does. It's all an illusion.
You don't need money either. There's nothing you'd need to buy.
You don't need to sleep, you don't need to eat, you don't need clothes, you don't need anything. You don't exist.
Ignore the hunger. It's just your ego trying to survive.
Ignore the cold and warm, ignore uncomfort of any kind. It's just your ego trying to survive.
Ignore pain. It is just your individual, earthly body trying to get your attention, your ego trying to survive. It doesn't really exist.

Go sit by under the tree and watch the river flow and lose your ego... Nothing matters because nothings exists... except One and that will always be.

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