Thursday, March 29, 2012

#5 Fun and Frugal Family Tradition for Spring Equinox

Make holiday goodies together, the whole family.

Make candy. Bake cookies and cakes and other things to be frozen. Bake casseroles and other such things to feed the crowd. Do it together with the kids, let them be part of the preparations, make them your sous-chefs. It teaches them how to cook, it gives you together-time and food need to be prepared in any case, so why not make it in good time beforehand and together - why not make it a great family tradition?

My father is great in the kitchen, so is my brother, my husband, my brothers-in-law... there is absolutely no reason why men should be excluded from this tradition. Besides, boys need to learn to feed themselves too. A man in a kitchen is not less manly... on the contrary. One of the things my husband wooed me was to make me spaghetti carbonara in the middle of the night... the way to a woman's heart goes through her stomach too :-D

Also, you can share your plenty with your friends, family, neighbors and the shareless in your community. It doesn't take much more effort to double the batches and give away half of everything.

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