Friday, March 23, 2012

F is for...

I just remembered that I am participating in "26 theme alphabet challenge" at Polyvore, where I am to make a set featuring my favorite things beginning with a letter from the alphabet.

Some of my favorite things beginning with the letter F: Finland, fantasy, family, familiars, felines, foxes, of course (Ketutar means Lady Fox, Fox woman, Vixen) fragrance, full moon, fire, fun, Frey, fairies, fairytales, folklore, flying, fascination...

I love the word "fascinating".
I just learned from the Pagan Blog Party newsletter that "Fascination is the practice of controlling another's mind psychically. Can be considered very manipulative and by some traditions a breaking of the Rede, especially when used to frivolously control people."
Didn't know that before. Fascinating! :-) All things one learns as one lives :-D

I also love words like fragrance, frankincense and frangipane...

FRANKINCENSE: (Boswellia carteri)
A small tree or shrub, with pinnate leaves, and white or pale pink flowers. It yields a natural oleo-resin gum, which is used to make a healing incense, which induces a meditative state. Frankincense essential oil is also useful in promoting spirituality and meditative states.
Pliny claimed that Frankincense was an antidote to hemlock poisoning.
Avicenna advocated its use for tumors, fevers, vomiting, and dysentary.
Chinese herbalists use it in powder form and in teas for rheumatism and menstrual pain, and externally as a wash for sores and bruises. The dose is three to six grains in a glass of wine; or twenty drops of the tincture.
Frankincense is highly antiseptic and the scent is said to calm and clear the mind.

Caution: Prolonged use of resins can damage the kidneys.

Parts Used: Resin

Magical Uses: Sacred to the Sun God Ra, frankincense is burned in rites of exorcism, purification, and protection. It is said to accelerate spiritual growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute.
(Oil)Anoint tools, sachets or the body. Use for spirituality, exorcism, purification, luck and protection rites.
(Resin)burn for protection, exorcism, spirituality, love, consecration, blessing, energy, strength, visions, healing, meditation, power and courage.

Aromatherapy Uses:
(Oil) Blemishes; Dry and Mature Complexions; Scars; Wounds; Wrinkles; Asthma; Bronchitis; Colds; Coughs; Flu; Laryngitis; Cystitis; Anxiety; Nervous Tension; Stress-related Conditions. Dilute before applying to the skin as it may be irritating.
Frankincense has the ability to slow down, and deepen the breath - very conducive to prayer and meditation.

From Joelle's Sacred Grove

They were also talking about flying ointments. As far as I know the "flying" is being high, having hallucinations, out of body experiences etc.

I find everything I linked to fascinating ;-) and informative, very good read.

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