Monday, December 27, 2010

50 Things To Do Before I Turn 50

I cannot wait becoming a "real crone" :-D

So - what do I think I should have done to get that experience? What would make me go "wahoo!"?

There are thousands of "30 before 30" lists, but not that many "50 before 50" ;-)
I suppose you have to be unusually immature to write a list like that. I mean, these "goal games", achievement lists, bucket lists, are for young people, aren't they? I mean, it's only the young and foolish 20-somethings who are stupid enough to think things like this matters, isn't it?
Well... if I'm going to be wearing my red hat proudly in 9 years, I think I need to start practicing ;-)

I am 41. Getting good at my job and finding a job I love is kind of... I'm going to be retired in some 15 years. I think the career choices should have been done already 20 years ago. Of course it's always good to fill in the blanks and change one's mind, but your mind should have been made up already 20 years ago at least once! You should HAVE at least one career already when you're middle-aged.


But there's still 8 years until I'm 50 ;-)

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