Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I just watched "The Bucket List"

Amazing movie... I adore both Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson :-)

Watching movies like that puts the world really in the right perspective :-D

Sure, it would be nice to find a rich buddy who takes you around the world on his/her private plane, but... the thing is that I have everything, EVERYTHING I want here, at my fingertips.
I want to be with my family. Nothing else matters.

It really doesn't matter who celebrates what or believes what or calls themselves what.
Some USonians boycotting stores for wishing "happy holidays" have no influence in my life.
Some Christians calling themselves Jews or other Christians not Christians, have no influence in my life.
Christians calling themselves Pagans - who really cares.

Of course, it's not right.
Naturally, the consequences might influence my life.
Right now I don't give a dime :-)

Some 10 years ago I was thinking about "faith, hope and love".
I thought that "faith" is weak, knowledge is what it's all about. I KNOW God is, I don't believe in God.
I thought that hope is pretty worthless... that we need to trust in God.
That love is overrated. We need tolerance and compassion.
But that's really it, isn't it? Faith, hope and love... if you go to the correct meaning of the words.
Faith is trust. You can never know everything, never "enough". Knowledge takes you only so far. Knowledge doesn't help you when you are to throw yourself over the cliff and trust, have faith, that someone will catch you. It will be all right. In the end, everything will be okay.
That's hope. Even in the darkest hour, something will happen that makes everything turn out all right.
And love isn't this wishy-washy false "I love you, so I have the right to hurt you" crap. Love is the warm, fuzzy feeling inside you, what makes you smile, that washes away all the fear and tension, that makes you forgive and forget and move on...

I don't want to talk about love, because so many misunderstand the concept. The word is overused, misused, abused... so it is better to talk about compassion, tolerance, charity and kindness. Mercy.

When you get old, you'll understand. Very few elderly are extremist fundamentalists. That is a vice of the young and restless, who think they need to change the world... Seeing an elderly fundamentalist is very sad. So many years learning nothing at all...

I think that's one of the reasons why I respect all elderly... not people 10 years older than me, but people who could be my parents or grandparents... Very few people live that long without learning anything... also I have this belief of that we all have our gifts. Not talents, talents are overrated. Anyone can learn anything if one puts oneself to it. Some people are interested in maths, others in animals, or cooking or something. In my class there was this girl who wasn't very bright nor pretty, but she was very kind.
I believe our interests are given to us so that we could become the most we can.
I also believe that our interests, wishes, desires and dreams are unique to each one... I don't mean that only one person wants to be a writer, but that everyone of us dreaming to be a writer is a unique writer, the only one who can write the book we are going to write.
I believe there is a person for every job, someone who wants to do the job, someone who dreams of the job, who knows nothing better... I know a man who always wanted to be a garbage truck driver. I know a woman who loves nothing as much as cleaning. Not everyone wants to be a singer or a pilot or a model or an actor. Some want to be mothers, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, librarians... There is a work for everyone, and a worker for every work...

Now I go and work with my plarn crocheting. I'm not fully convinced, but... hmm... It's free.

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