Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To "Against Pagan Gods"

"You speak of Christians robbing your pagan holidays, that is a lie, it was your pagan forefathers that assimilated both religions."

If it was, the new religion created in that manner would be called something else. Like Santeria. Sorry, but everyone knows the truth about this matter, and it is as I say, not as you say.

"So if you are angry, perhaps you should petition your anger with your pagan gods, their leader, your teachers are to blame."

What are you trying to say here?
For your information - I'm a monotheist. I don't know any "pagan gods and their leader".
Also, my teachers are not trying to make Yule a Christian tradition. Why blame them for something they haven't done?
Here you are, stealing another people's celebration, once again, and blame MY "gods" and MY forefathers... Of course. "Satan made me do it". Haven't we heard that before? Everything is always someone else's fault, huh? YOU never do anything wrong, and if you do, it's because Satan made you do it. Or something.

"According to the educated messianice jew this is offensive, and He is not the reason for the season, your pagan forefathers are to blame for that."

You know what... Be "an educated messianic Jew", but as long as you call yourself a Jew, when you are really a Christian, I will think of you as uninformed and ignorant, and, frankly, offensive.

"...since you claim on your blog that you are a pagan, stick with your pagan roots..."

*I* stick with my Pagan roots, and I wish you, and every other dishonest Xian, would have stuck with your Jewish roots and been true to your God, and not started worshiping people.

"leave the christian or messianic jew that is coming to the truth of knowing that these holiday roots are pagan."

I think you have misunderstood something. *I* am all about informing people of the Pagan roots of holidays. Rosh Hashanah is a Pagan holiday, Shavuot is a Pagan holiday, Christmas is a Pagan holiday, Easter is a Pagan holiday. I welcome anyone, not only the more or less dishonest Christians to "the truth of knowing that these holiday roots are Pagan".

"You are not Adonai"
Haven't claimed that either. No human of woman born is, has been and will ever be.

"and only He knows how He will judge"
You better remember that before you decide how I will be judged.

"He hears the blood of all those that cry out, that have been murdered, yes I am referring to the Inquisition and Holocaust. The very same pagan gods that you serve, so did Hitler, King James, Constatine, Queen Isabella."

Hitler was born Christian, turned Atheist. He didn't serve my God.
King James was Christian, serving the same God you do.
Constantine was born Pagan, born-again Christian.
Queen Isabella was Christian.
Inquisition was done in the name of your God, and the Holocaust was done in the name of Fatherland.

"Your fruits are a bad fruit."
How would you know. You can't even see the difference between a Jew and a Christian.

"First clean up your own house, before you make a remark on the christian or messianic jew."

Why would I do that? I haven't claimed my house is clean. You do.

"Neither one of them lose their identity for believing in Yeshua."
Of course not. They just change it. Messianic Jews believe in the divinity of Jesus and that Jesus is the savior, therefore "Messianic Jews" are in reality Christians, not Jews. If you were not even born Jewish, but a convert to "Messianic Judaism" (brrr), you're not even ethnically Jewish.
It is possible to stay Jewish and believe in Jesus as the Messiah, but the second you start attributing divinity and saviorship to Jesus, you have left Judaism and entered Christianity. God is the only Savior and God is not human.

"Oh, and stop quoting your scriptures to people, even the demons know scripture, you can consider yourself within that realm."
Not my scriptures, yours :-D I'm quoting them to remind YOU of what YOUR scriptures say, reminding YOU of what YOUR "god" is asking of you.

"If anything, I would say that those demons within your being are so angry."
My being doesn't include demons.

"Yes even they know that Adonai is calling the gentile and 12 tribes to YHWH!"
Of course. There is only one God.

"Give it up lady, I would quote scripture to you, but I think you are so bound in your ways, only Adonai can deliver you."
Only Adonai can deliver me in any way. Quote the scripture all you can. Anyone can do that.

"As far as your jewish husband, married to a pagan, that is questionable."
Not really. Besides, you're a Christian, what's it to you? Nothing.

"yet a jew married to a pagan…assimilation..that is not acceptable..then he has broken the law as well and he is not a Jew?"
Uh... It is against the Torah for a Jew to marry a gentile, but that doesn't make them non-Jews. For you to worship a human being as "god" doesn't make you less ethnically Jewish either, but it surely makes you religiously non-Jewish. Christians are not Jewish, Jews are not Christian.

"You not being a jew, his children will neither be jews."
If we had had any children they would not be Jewish.

"Oh and a convert to Judaism, that is a joke, becuase that doesn’t make them a jew either, they are now a convert."
If you were a Jew you'd know that there are no converts in Judaism. There are either Jews or gentiles. Nothing in between. Sarah and Abraham were converts, Ruth was a convert - and fully Jewish.

"Stick to your pagan roots and be judged just like you have said you would be"
Well, thank you for your permission. :->

"not all Christians are responsible for the bad deeds that have taken place"

Hmm... Of course not. But even if you didn't commit the original theft, you are part of it when you refuse to return the stolen property. Just leave the Pagan ways be, the Pagan traditions, holidays and symbols, and leave the Jewish God and God's blessings to the Jewish people be. If you don't care to keep your part of the covenant and be fully Jewish, don't expect to get the benefits of the covenant.

"if anything your pagan forefathers are the ones to blame for causing assimilation of the pagan roots with Yeshua."

They weren't asking to be converted. They didn't ask to be made disciples. They were never meant to be.

"For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever." 
- Micah 4:5

But, sure, blame the victim. I wonder why you don't blame the true Jews of Holocaust, as a punishment from God for their wicked ways, being a "barren" fig tree, as your "god" said.

"Fight with your own demons on that one, cause I am outraged by that!"

Well, your Christian forefathers forced their disgusting beliefs upon us. You should have listened to God and not Jesus, Paul and other such apostates.

"To think my jewish family became conversos into that pagan religion."
To think you are shaming your Jewish family by worshiping a dead human.

"The Messiah I serve is not the same as the everyday christian."
You should be serving God, not an anointed one.

"Jesus was a Jew by blood, by the defintion of Judaism and paganism, those things do not matter. Look at his lineage."
Thus a human being, not God.

"Your husbands lineage however, will be lost being married to you because you are not a jew."
So Jesus married and had children?

"So before you accuse Jesus as not being a Jew, you are a liar and belong as you say, Rightfully belong to the house of H’Satan!"
I haven't said Jesus was not a Jew. If there ever was Jesus, he was Jewish, there is no question of that. He was an apostate though, his teachings were not according to Torah.
I have said the people who worship a dead Jew as their "god" are not Jewish. There's a difference.

If you were a Jew, you wouldn't talk about some "house of H'Satan". I'm a gentile, so are you, the only difference is that you refuse to admit it.

"I commend you on your education and realizing that X-mas and Easter are your gods, u can have them back and perish with them in Babylon as you serve them."
"realizing"? Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays, not gods. I don't serve holidays.
Go tell the "war on Christmas" idiots to give them back.
And please leave judging me to God.

"Oh and quit being a baby about being persecuted for your religion, not too long ago your pagan forefathers (Constantine, Hitler?) persecuted the Jews if they didn’t become conversos."
Hitler didn't give a dime about the Jews' religion, and he was not Pagan.
Constantine converted to Christianity. YOUR religion. He WAS Pagan, and as long as he was a Pagan, he didn't persecute anyone. He started it after listening to your cursed brethren, like Paul.
I wish I could commend you on your education, or your intelligence.

"You need to beg for forgiveness as well."
ROTFLMAO From a dead Jew? Or a lying Christian pretending to be something he is not?

"You wanna play this good witch of the north and bad witch of the south"

"your just as responsible as the christian and the jew."
Of course. And...?

"The Messianic Jew does not fall under Catholiscm, nor does it fall under christianity."
Yes, it does. Catholism is Christianity, Messianism is Christianity, any and everyone who believes Jesus is God and Savior is Christian.

"You showing hatred and criticsm for what someone believes in is wrong."
Yet another misunderstanding of yours. I don't care what you believe. I'm "showing hatred and criticism" of what is DONE here. You believe what ever you want. Just don't push it on others, and don't steal other people's Gods and feasts. You have Jesus, be satisfied with that. Really, why would you need anything else? Why would you need to celebrate ANYTHING? Isn't Jesus enough?

"Adonai gives us free will just like u have the free will to follow after your pagan gods."
Er... yes, God gave us all free will when God created us, and we are all free to believe what ever we want.

"The Christian did not steal your pagan gods"
Well... actually they did. Some were twisted into demons or fairytale figures and some others - those too loved by their followers - were turned into "saints".

"you murdered them if they didn’t follow u, Conversos?"
The Pagans murdered Christians if they didn't convert? Not since your precious Constantine. After that it was the other way around. You Christians killed anyone who didn't convert, until the Pagans managed to push forth the freedom of religion again. In most Pagan societies there has been freedom of religion, that's how you managed to contaminate the world so easily... first you enter the society in all peace and harmony, but immediately when you have enough support and room, you turn into a monster and make Christianity a state religion and kill anyone who won't convert, or expell people. The Jews lived peacefully in the whole Roman empire until the Christians came and started causing waves.

"remember that, but then again I guess you would say that u are not responsible for that, right?"

Of course I'm not responsible for that, you idiot. You are not responsible for what Christians have done. But I am not denying Pagans have done some pretty horrible things, and you should not be denying the Christian crimes either. You should definitely not blame the Pagans for the Christian crimes :-D

Procelytism has never been part of Paganism. My Pagan forefathers didn't kill anyone for their beliefs. But you don't give a dime about what my Pagan forefathers actually did, do you? To you all Pagans are the same, huh... and then you get offended, when to a Pagan all Christians are the same :-D

I do hold you responsible for stealing other people's holidays, if you celebrate Chanukkah and are not Jewish. I also hold you responsible for adding Christian attributes to Jewish holidays and thus tainting them. If you think the Chanukkah candles are a symbol of Jesus' light, you're falsifying the meaning of Jewish symbols, and you should stop that immediately. Really, don't you have anything own? Do you really have to steal everything from someone else?

P.S. Pagan and gentile are not synonymous. Gentile means non-Jew. Pagan means the follower of a non-Abrahamic religion. Sort of the same as infidel, but - the Muslim infidel really means someone who has been educated in Islam, but refuses to believe.
Christians are gentiles but they are definitely not Pagan. Christian cannot be Pagan, which ever ways he follows. Constantine was born Pagan but converted and "lost" his "Pagan status". To a Jew he would still be a gentile.
You are Christian, not a Jew. To any real Jew you would be gentile, but not Pagan.
If you don't like this FACT, give up your heretic ideas of a man-god. You can still believe Jesus was the Mashiah, but you would need to read the Greek Scriptures with a VERY critical eye, and denounce most of it as Jewish teachings, and all of it as God's Word.

Frankly, if you WERE Jewish, you would be on MY side in this discussion, and not supporting the theft of your cultural inheritance by the man-worshiping Christians.

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