Saturday, December 25, 2010

About New Year and divination

It is a bit hard for a Pagan to decide when the New Year is going to begin :-D Will we start it at Spring Equinox, like the Babylonians do, at Autumn Equinox, like the Jews, at Midwinter's Day, like the Romans...? Why not at Summer Solstice? There beliefs concerning New Year's Day are the same in all the belief systems though.

One of the common practices is trying to get hints on what the New Year is going to be like. You read omens and fortunes. I am planning on going to my sisters at New Year's Day and take my tarot cards with me.

Another thing is the effort of trying to do something to improve one's life. I have been participating in the "100 things in 1000 days" but it's not going too well :-D I also participated in 100 days' writing challenge and that went to forest as well. ;-) (Going to woods is a Swedish expression, I think, about things failing.)

I have tried to loose weight, and that doesn't go well, I have tried to study languages, and the same there... I really have problems with commitments.

But - a new year and a new chance. Every new day is a new chance trying to make it better this time.

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