Friday, December 31, 2010

Flying Friday

* "flying on brooms" is to trust in oneself, trust in the miraculous world which is more than can be empirically proven and trust in Goddess - and believing in magic - trust and belief - faith

This week I have been working with my "50 before 50" list.
There is about 100 months before my 50th birthday. I'm really pleased about that - 100 months sound like a good, solid time frame :-) Divine plan in action, huh? :-D
50 things in 100 months... I think I will be able to do that.

I trust in God 100%.
I believe there is no coincidents, it's all Divine Plan in action.
I believe serendipity is Divine Plan the person experiencing it was listening to.
I believe OWOH lead me on purpose to some comments, that reminded me of my Flying on Brooms Friday meme, just in time for this Friday, the last of the year... all happening 100 months before my 50th birthday, so that I would be prepared for it.

So - the Bucket List is very much about finding what your Broom is. I love flying. To me flying - with or without a broom - is the ultimate freedom... I fly in my dreams if I need to get somewhere, or if I need to flee.
I believe our dreams, wishes and wants are... cannot remember the correct word right now, but specific, unique, typical and innate for all of us. We were born with them, and also with the talents and gifts necessary to reach them, in the life situation and childhood beneficial for reaching them. I also believe that God gives us plenty of possibilities to reach there, and all we need to do is to be open and follow our dreams where ever they may lead. I believe that when ever I get an idea or react with desire, envy, yearn, longing, covet, hunger for something, God is speaking to me, and I should head and follow the feeling.

Of course I'm not saying you should go and start killing people because that's what you want to do... I suppose most of us have felt the helplessness of being a victim with the strong urge to get a gun and start shooting at the villains. I know I have. That is though a clearly situation related impulse, a clear reaction to the helplessness, and thus not a real dream and wish. Then there might be born killers, who actually would be amazing at that "job", but I suppose they should become butchers or join the army in stead. I suppose those people are such a tiny minority that I really shouldn't even need to write this, but I just know someone will read this and claim that I encourage people to lead a selfish life of crime and evil.
Come on, now. Think just a moment about what you would like to have on your Bucket List. I bet it's not "kill all the Muslims in the world, blow up Harrods', hijack an aeroplane and force it to fly in the White House, sleep with every person on People Magazine's Most Beautiful People list" and alike. It is more likely you have things like "visit the Great Wall, eat something wonderful I've never dared to eat before, climb Mount Everest, meet someone I appreciate" - experience something extraordinary, do things you have always wished you had done, dare. Live.

Also, "become a millionaire" is usually not a true dream either. If you write things like that on your list, you should ask the follow-up question. "What would I do, if I was a millionaire?" THAT's what you dream of. If you, like Scrooge, would love to swim in money, then being a millionaire is your true dream, but most of us want the economical freedom, independence and security that follows with a lot of money.

Making these lists, dreaming, letting the thought wander, being aware of my wanting, all this leads me closer to my broom, and closer to flying.

I believe finding out what is my broom makes me a nicer person to live with. Being satisfied with my life, happy with who and what I am, makes me less judgmental and grumpy. When I'm busy living my own life, I have less time being bothered by others and how they choose to live their lives.

I know I'm very harsh, but that's mainly because the world has been harsh with me. It's hard to learn not to let other people's opinions influence me, when one is being punished and rewarded according to how well one manages to fulfill the expectations of others... I'm only slowly getting there, and I'm over 40. Of course it is difficult to get over the feeling of injustice in that some people expect certain things of you but not of themselves, that some people allow their loved ones to behave in a way they don't allow you. It's really hard to accept that injustice to go on, when one is taught not to allow injustice to happen... The world is unfair in many ways, but even though I cannot change anyone, nor make them change their "wicked ways" just by pointing it out to them, I don't need to join them and use their bad behavior as an excuse to my own. I am the first person to talk against that excuse, so I better start listening to myself and stop being such a judgmental bitch I am.

After all, the example is the best way of teaching people, and in reality the only way that works.

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