Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 13

Sew a fabric Ostara basket

How to host a perfect brunch:

1. have a buffet
2. have several egg dishes for Ostara brunch, like deviled eggs, scrambled eggs, Italian egg bread etc. Beautiful boiled eggs can be made in good time beforehand and they look really pretty.
3. Other things to serve:
ham, lamb (have cold, smoked leg of lamb, it's really good) and salmon;
pastries; brioche, challah or pashka is good bread for a brunch, but you could also bake bagels (really good with cream cheese and lox ;-)) or bunny or birdie buns.
I like to serve my veggies raw, in pieces, so that people can eat them on sandwich or as salad, or as fingerfood, what ever they prefer.
Quiche would be nice for a brunch. Choose foods that can be prepared beforehand and served cold or kept warm for a longer time without the food quality suffering. Also, serve food that is already cut in portions and prepared, for example slice the bagels, cut the bread and pie aso.
4. Desserts: serve cupcakes, bars/brownies/blondies, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls... things that can easily be picked and eaten. Waffles would be wonderful for Ostara brunch. Peaches and apricots look very Ostara-y, like big egg yolks. You could make a peach quark pie (replace cherries with canned peaches), or buttermilk pie bars.
5. Tea and coffee, but alcoholic beverages belong to brunch as well. It's usually something "fruity" like Bloody Mary, Bellini or Mimosa. You could also try eggnog or another egg drink, to honor Ostara ;-).
6. The more guests you have the more tables you should have. It's a good idea to serve meats and vegetables on one table, beverages on another and desserts and sweets on yet another. Besides, if you have several small tables, you can decorate each table differently. Leave room before the serving platters, so that your guests can put down their plates as they take food.
7. You can set a table for eating, and if you do, set a place for each guest, with placeholders, napkins and cutlery. Don't use centerpieces or only low centerpieces on this table, so that your guests can discuss with each other.
If you don't have set places, place the cutlery in the end of the buffet table with napkins.
8. Set the tables already day before.

Easter bunny craft

Ostara ritual

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