Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 26

  Egg carton of curiosities

 egg carton sewing kit

 egg carton bulletin board
egg carton eggs
"whimsicle" flowers :-)
egg carton pendant lamp - absolutely amazing... think in white lilies or yellow daffodils...
cute, cute, cute! egg carton wreath (take a look of the other crafts too, nice :-))

When in Mabon Demeter lost her daughter and we played the first act of the myth of Persephone, in Ostara she returns, together with snakes, and her Mother decorates the world with flowers and greenery.

You can act the myth and make dolls yourself.
Here's how to make papier mache puppets, parts 1, 2 and 3
I suggest you use empty eggs as the core of the heads... it's small and light, but also sturdy.
Here's some alternatives
Here's bunny and chick

here's a suggestion for puppet theater. I have been thinking about this kind of theater, but also simply hanging a sheet or blanket across the doorway high enough so that the puppeteers can hide kneeling behind it, but low enough for them to reach up with their puppets.

Veganizing Ostara
I have to say that it's bad to avoid giving children anything that even reminds of eggs, like felt eggs, paper eggs or tin eggs, in their baskets, or avoiding egg hunts, but then eat fake "ham", "chicken" and "eggs" at dinner.

Today's ornament is this: Easter Embroidered Wall Hanging
Make the squares as small as they are in the instructions, and you have ornaments :-)

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