Monday, March 14, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 24

make felt yourself for ornaments
small flowers to decorate felt egg shapes. They can also be made into bird nests, with appropriate fabrics and wool "eggs"

really cute cookies with windows :-)
I'd like to see hens and roosters with colorful feathers...

many popcorn ball recipes - form them into eggs

lentil salad and edible flower decoration :-) Really sweet!

In ancient Italy in the spring, women planted Gardens of Adonis. They filled urns with grain seeds, kept the in the dark and watered them every two days until they sprouted. You can do this yourself with grass seed in baskets. You can then put your decorated eggs on the altar, etc. in your grass filled baskets. Talk about how this custom persists today in Sicily, where women plant seeds of grains–lentils, fennel, lettuce or flowers–in baskets and pots. When they sprout, the stalks are tied with red ribbons and the “gardens” are placed along roads on the Christian Good Friday. They are meant symbolize the triumph of life over death.

Decorating cookie tins - here's another tutorial on the same thing, with a little more modern expression
doilies used to decorate tins. If you don't want to use Martha's stencils, paint the lid first in the color you wish to have the doily on, carefully glue a doily on with rubber glue, and spray with the color you want your tin to be. Remove the doily, carefully as not to smudge the paint, let dry and nudge the rubber off. Varnish.
Pearly treasury tins

something different: cookie tin banjo and tambourine.

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