Friday, March 18, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 28

Ostara symbols: baskets, eggs, chicken, ducklings, lambs, baby animals, bunnies (both hares and rabbits), spring birds (esp. cranes), spring flowers, clovers (flowers, leaves, four leaf clovers), budding twigs, pussy willows, sprouting bulbs, colored ribbons

Use these as you would use hearts for St. Valentine's Day or stars and evergreen trees for Yule.

Here's some pictures on how to make millinery flowers
Hatstruck speaks quite a lot about millinery, and here's how to make stamens for millinery flowers.

Then, here's some old bonnet patterns :-D
19th century sun bonnet
Bonnet from 1952 "How to make hats"
make your own sun bonnet in less than two hours
Apron bonnet
1857 sun bonnet, illustration and pattern
here's a bonnet for a doll. You can enlarge it to fit people. :-) (You can just double all the measurements, that is change the grid to 1 inch in stead of 1/2 inch, but I think it's a bit big bonnet then. Make a dummy of paper or cheap fabric and adjust the pattern to fit your head and preferences.)
Regency bonnet or how to triftfully turn a reticule and a straw hat into a bonnet fit for Eliza Bennet
If you don't have a reticule, use this tutorial :-D

That is, if you'd like to make your own "Easter Bonnet", or just a sun bonnet :-)

Here's some recipes for Easter cookies, but the good old-fashioned sugar cookies are the best :-D

Kusudama balls would be absolutely lovely for Ostara :-)
Tutorial part 1 and 2 at Folding Trees :-) It's a wonderful site.


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