Monday, March 21, 2011

Ostara roundup

Well... 30 posts + 2 about this subject, and three comments... and one of them from my husband.
 Celestial Elf posted about a machinima video at YouTube she made for Lisa Thiel's music.
Not bad :-)
Dragonfly shared with me her opinion on my disappointment to that Pagans don't seem to be much interested in the Eight Feasts.
My husband comforted me a little because one of the links I posted had gone dead.

Amazing. I'm totally blown away by the lack of interest.
I have been told it's "interesting", "very good" and such things, but... no-one comments. What am I supposed to think? Am I making ANY difference in ANYTHING? I have a feeling I could have just done this for me and no-one had been any less influenced, inspired, helped...
I am feeling very lonely and... pointless, I guess. As if my work with this blog is futile, totally worthless, of no interest to anyone.

I didn't have a good Ostara. I argued with my husband, I didn't manage to keep up with my timetable, so I was too tired to celebrate Ostara, and I'm very depressed at the moment. Waves of sadness flow over me every now and then, and the walk in the forest with our dog, which usually makes me happy, didn't do anything for me this time. I'm just tired and sad.

I wrote this 30 days' countdown to Ostara with hopes of that someone would have reached out to me and told me I'm not alone, that there are others out there sharing my dream and love of Sabbaths, and homely arts and love of Goddess, and wish to make all the Eighth Days as big and lovely as Yule and Samhain and Beltane.
Most of the Yule, Samhain and Beltane traditions are not older than one or two generations, and in practice all of our traditions are not older than we are. We have created, adopted and adapted EVERY tradition we call our own at some point in our lives. We can create ourselves good, solid traditions today, traditions our children will carry on, create meme heirlooms for generations to embrace and evolve and make their own...

Fran's Free Spells and Witchcraft has some interesting blog entries about Ostara.
Llewellyn didn't bother posting anything about Ostara - or hasn't posted anything about it yet.
Witchvox doesn't seem to be much interested either. There is "Rediscovering the Old Ways" and "The Magical Egg and Celebrating Ostara Through Food". (There's "We Call It Ostara" at Facebook.")
(Which BTW reminds me of this fascinating blog entry at Judeness. Go read it.)

My Life After Loss tells about why not to mix festivities and traditions.
I agree with her and disagree with her...
I think you should celebrate what ever you celebrate any way you like.
But I also think you should be aware of where your traditions come from. WHY you do what you do.
I also think if you find one religion or culture horrible, hateful, unlikable or something bad, don't take their traditions either, how ever nice they are.
I think the Christians lost their "right" to celebrate Jewish feasts during the 1700 years of discrimination, harassment and persecution they put the Jews living among them through, and they lost their "right" to celebrate the Pagan feasts when they chose to be Christian and not Pagan, which happened somewhere between 300 and 1700 in most parts of Europe. But that's me, and my personal opinion, and it has no relevance what so ever to anyone else but me, and as I'm not Christian, not even to me.

Pagan Pages. org has some articles, but nothing I expected to see.

Wildfoxtheoldone reposted the lesser banishing ritual of the chocolate rabbit

Pagan Mom Blog posted some crafts for children at Ostara.

Nestled under rainbows shares a very nice Ostara with us :-)

We have still plenty of snow. The only flowers I've seen are pussywillows.

Spirit Blogger posted today's spirit message. "Celebrate Ostara".

Global Illumination Council posted about the Ostara "Super Moon".
Here's 7 great photos of Saturday's "Super Moon". She is indeed a beauty :-)

Pantheon has some great Ostara related articles; Our Martyr of Easter, which makes me so deeply sad, because this kind of hatred towards everything different and intolerance of how other people choose to live their lives still exists and causes death and misery; 13 songs for Ostara; a playlist of a sort with Ostara music :-) Wyrd Designs - the Holy Tides and two about St Patrick; Irish Snakes Survive and Thrive and Ostara, St Paddy's and Spring

Pagan Soccermom managed to post a couple of things this year: Ostara Page (links to previous postings she's made about Ostara), Ostara Egg Dyes from Kitchen and Ostara Candle Ritual.
(This from a woman who says:
"Why not stretch your celebration out and make it last?    Think about the mainstream holidays.  Not the commercial aspect, but the family traditions that people hold.  Few people do them all on Christmas day, right? Days, if not weeks, are spent making holiday cookies, decorating a tree, creating decorations with the kids.  Not enough pagans, I think, carry that sort of thing on.")

Stone Cottage on the Hill talks about Spring Wanderings.

Gus in A Pagan's Blog gives 8 ideas for celebrating Ostara.
Considering that we Pagans are supposed to be creative and imaginative people, it's surprising we don't seem to be able to produce more ideas... it's the same old activity lists and magical correspondences being posted in most blogs over and over again. (Like Kris Bradley does in Examiner or Rik Potter in his/her blog.) Can't we do something new like Gus does?

I promise to try more and do better for 30 Days of Beltane, which countdown begins on April 1st. :-) I sincerely hate, hate, HATE "practical jokes", which is nothing but bullying and mental torture made "justifyiable and acceptable" by naming it "jokes". But common day of silliness, doing something silly, foolish, daring and childlike, would be lovely.

 Rose Ariadne's Witchcraft Blog shares how she celebrates Ostara.
Rowan Pendragon talked about St.Patrick's Dayshared a spell for Ostara and an audio-video Ostara Sunday.

Raymond Lawrence Gallery has a long blog list on Ostara.

4ofWands has some interesting blog entries at this time of the year. I love her Hail Hekate, Full Of Light... Moon is still lovely.

Lizzie posted a nice poem on her Serenity Sunday for Spring and Ostara.

I was sitting on the sofa watching television with our dog, when we started hearing "pip-pip-pip", repeatedly, from kitchen. It sounded like an electronic alarm, and we looked at each other. It wasn't the egg clock, neither my mobile phone, and my hubby had taken his with him, so it wasn't that either... I wondered about this puzzle for good 5 minutes, until I realized it was a Great Tit singing to his chosen one :-D
They used to sing "titityy, titityy", two short and long, now they sing just two or three short ones... They learn new songs from somewhere, possibly from the electronic alarms. Pity.
But still lovely :-D

Rhythm of the Home shares a St.Patrick's Day's Story Bag idea... one could make it about Ostara.

Mystic Moon Coven has a pretty good page on Ostara.


4ofwands said...

I didn't stumble upon your 30 days of Ostara until yesterday. It was a little over whelming to try to surf through 30 days (especially because I'm behind on sleep). Don't give up. Keep plugging away, eventually others will catch up to you.

Another thought is that as a Hellenic Pagan, Ostara has no meaning for me. I know the Pagan population is much more diverse than even 10 years ago, so that may be another issue.

One last suggestion, the posts were full of lots of lovely pictures, yet rarely (so it seemed to me) did you have a pictures of the craft you were mentioning or something related to that link you were showing. When you are short on time, a heavily link ladden post with no visual reference usually seems to mean it gets skipped over. So maybe breaking up your post into themes would help? A food post, a craft post, etc.


Ketutar said...

Thank you very much for the feedback :-)

Very good advice you offer, too :-)

30 days of Ostara was a bit hasty and not the best format, I understand. :-D I was thinking about magazines, holiday books and "Housewives' Calendars"... apparently the concept needs a bit more work ;-)
Thanks, again :-)

Anonymous said...

I am really late to view your posts typing Ostara into a search. I really enjoyed all your hard work and have used some of your ideas. I'm having great fun.
I can't agree with you more about making the Pagan holidays longer and more fun.
Thank You...

Ketutar said...

Thank you, Craig :-)

Better late than never :-)
You made me glad. :-) Thank you for taking time to comment :-)