Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 16

I love poppy seeds in pastries!
In Poland they make this thing called Makowiec for Easter (and other holidays).
I have a recipe of rich poppy seed and chocolate cake.
Here's poppy seed potica - just don't be that scroogy with the filling.
And here, of course, Haman taschen filled with poppy seeds. It is Purim, after all ;-)

In Germany they use to decorate wells for Easter... now THIS is what I'm talking about! :-D

The custom of the Easter fountain (or well) (Osterbrunnen) is an old tradition designed to celebrate the importance of water as a life giver and it is believe that the water that has been blessed on Easter Sunday has special powers. Throughout the year, women collect hollowed eggs, hand paint them and string them together to make colourful garlands that will be used to decorate the villages' central fountains. They also make arches and crowns of evergreen branches decorated with a few eggs and some times with little rabbits as well as roosters or hens. The crowns and arches are usually placed on the tip of the fountain. All these decorations come up a week or so before Easter Sunday and stay on the fountain for about a week after, making the town center a very colourful and festive sight, especially on Saturday's Market with all the vendors stalls around it.

Crafty Crow's Easter crafts for kids and others. There's so much to do there!

E l e m e n t a l   H o m e s c h o o l i n g

All of nature is waking up and growing right now: green stalks springing toward the sun, babies being born, light growing in strength evermore. The season of new beginnings, springtime is the best time of year to begin new projects and bring to life new interests, dreams, desires. We can manifest new intentions just as easily as flowers spring up. Olivia at Ostara Easter tableOstara rushes in spring's element, air--its direction is east. Air can move between people, subtly mixing scents and undercurrents of communication; as wind, air can quickly disperse stagnation. Often symbolized by the sword or blade, air can swiftly cut through to the heart of the matter, or like a tornado, fiercely blow away what we've become over-attached to. Air reminds us to live lightly and let the winds of change flow through us. Air alters our thoughts and blows a fresh breeze through our expectations and ideas, and air rules intellectual facility. Spring is a special time to invite new challenges of the mind into our lives, begin areas of study, consider old problems with a breath of fresh air and concentrate on affecting positive change. Also symbolized by bells or music, air affects sound, scent and methods of communication. Birdsong has returned, flowers release their fresh scents, we can be outdoors and talk and sing freely, and meet different people again. East rules Ostara and springtime, just as east is where the sun rises, giving birth to the new day.

    * meteorology: oxygen, air currents, weather patterns, clouds, wind
    * hot air balloons, aeronautics
    * birds, eggs
    * hatching, birth
    * multiplication, vocabulary, quizzes, riddles, games for quick thinking
      and intellectual facility
    * music, sound
    * aromatics, aromatherapy, sense of smell
    * architecture, homes, nests
    * trees, wood
    * methods of communication, pen pals
    * maps, graphs, organization
    * Asian studies
    * Crafts: kite making, (also:windmills, weather vanes), pysanky/egg decoration, woodwork, incense making

This is from Lady Griddlebones and Celeste Moondancer's Witchcraft 101:Ostara, which I printed 1999.
It doesn't seem to be around anymore, except here, and that looks like no-one's been there for years...It's great information, though, and I'd hate to see it vanish.
Read also the "Rabbits at Her feet" part. It's wonderful :-)

Here's some easter crafts for kids
How to make the sweetest little Easter basket of yogurt cups.

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