Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 19

Save the shells after breakfast and use them to make candles or seeding pots.

 Fun Ostara crafts

The Pagan Ostara transformed into Two Christian celebrations.

The first is the Annunciation. Ostara is sometimes called the Lady Day, and as Virgin Mary is the Christian Lady, it was natural the Goddess worship part of Ostara was turned into veneration of Virgin Mary. Also as Spring Equinox is 9 months before Yule, it was found appropriate to celebrate the annunciation of the virgin birth. Angel Gabriel comes to tell the news to Mary carrying a white lily, like the Roman youngsters visited their sweethearts in this very day. Accepting the lily was seen as official engagement, and it wasn't unusual that nine months after this visit, the bride gave birth to a baby. The date of Annunciation is 25th of March.

The second is Easter, which adopted its name and symbols, and the rebirth mythology. Combined with the Jewish adaptation of Spring Equinox celebrations; Pesach, we have the Christian Easter. Pesach is no longer attached to Spring Equinox, but falls on Nisan 15th every year. It's always a full moon on Pesach 1st, and usually the full moon after equinox, but sometimes not. The Christian Easter falls on the first Sunday after full moon after Equinox (21.3. as the fixed date according to the Church), so they count their date much more "pagan" :-D

Rice crisp easter eggs? I think I'd prefer a rice crisp treat bunny or chicks... One could make those with the chocolate molds as well. Rice crisp treat Ostara lamb... :-)

The Easter Lamb Cake is a Catholic tradition, and Cake Wrecks is having fun with the more or less horrifying (horrified?) lamb cakes... "lamb fleeces" (it might be interesting to make the fleece of meringues... hmm...) and "lamb-entations". I love Cake Wrecks... please, what ever you do, don't do things like these: "Easter, is that you?".

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