Monday, March 21, 2011

Some bits and bobs that didn't get in

Feather wreath tutorial

gumdrop wreath

Here's the button wreath tutorial, and a large egg template to print, if you think it's intimidating to make an egg shape.

You can also make the egg mobile by printing out the large egg on construction paper, cutting smaller egg shapes into it and covering the eggs with pretty paper. Then you sew the eggs back together, but from top and bottom only, so that the eggs can swirl.

Here's easter egg wreath, with a smaller egg template, which you can enlarge for your purposes.

Melissa's scrap fabric ornament is no longer available, but I suppose it's made a bit the same way as this rag ball ornament, or this one. Use cheap plastic eggs inside.
You can also find more things to do with the plastic eggs here.
You can also make this kind of wonderful wreath with different scrap fabric balls.
It isn't rocket science to make patchwork balls. You can use likesided triangles, cut 20 and sew them together into a ball, like the paper ball you can make of old Easter cards. If you cut the triangles of scrap fabric and sew the allowance inside the ball, you'll have a scrap ball.
Here's how to make a pentagon ball and here's how to make a ball of segments.

Ming makes wonderful cupcakes and I think her n:o 23 would be very Ostara-y

I love these lemonade bottles with the summer flower tags :-) Can't you just see them with spring flowers and daffodils for Ostara?

I think these bunnies would make a pretty easter basket: crochet four of these panels, a square base and then crochet them together into a basket, add a handle and starch it hard.
Here's one lonely bunny that would work as a book mark or insert on an album or book cover.

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