Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 days of Ostara; Day 18

Cute scrabble tile ornaments

I have been thinking about a list of movies with Ostara themes, but I can't find anything about "rebirth", "new beginnings", "new start" or "fresh start"... and I find it odd. There are tons of movies with these themes.
But here's a list of movies touching the theme "liberation/freedom". I plan watching them with Ostara in mind and seeing if I can recommend any of them.
I suppose the movies: Sleeping with the enemy, Enough and Double jeopardy might work...
I'm also thinking about Bucket List, 7 things to do before I'm 30; Last holiday (both versions) and It's a wonderful life would do too.
Hook is a great movie about rebirth.
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day sounds great :-)
Chocolat, absolutely. About changes, beginnings, chocolate and Easter.

I'll work on this :-)

Eccles Cakes
Simnel cake
Making gum paste daffofil
Cinnamon lamb stew yum yum!

Collect empty egg shells so that you can make different egg shell crafts, like this "wisp of spring" garland. Empty eggs before you dye them, because the dye can suffer from the egg blowing process. Have a stick ready so that you can keep the egg shells pushed down the dye, if you wish to dye them. There are many different ways of decorating egg shells.

Crochet egg garland - you can also sew buttons on the ribbon and add a string on the eggs, and alternate different Ostara ornaments in your button ribbon garland.
Also, crochet eggs to be used as they are, and decorate them with embroidery. Really cute :-)

I also like the bunny-egg -paper garland

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