Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's the international non-violence day

It's the International Non-Violence Day and Gandhi's Birthday

This one is really simple. How to make the paper is found here, then you just add a photo box and journal box, and write or stamp the words, and there you are :-)
I think it looks really great too :-D

First, some ideas on how to decorate mantelpiece (or top of a cupboard, drawer, bookshelf...)

Then some ideas for Halloween Party invitations: this one, a pop-up version, cute vintagy kitty and choco orange cupcakes... I like these kiddie ones, and THEY TOO have really nice party food :-D

Here's one pretty fabulous Halloween party... I wish I had the money, patience and everything else demanded for that :-)


Then to something else.

I really loved "Old Grey Mare's" Apples to Apples :-) I wish I had written that :-D

Cattra's Magical World is great too :-)

I really need to get more Pagan oriented :-D Not that there's anything wrong with a blog that is general, but I have been complaining about there not being enough Pagan blogs around :-D I'm really happy I'm blog-hopping, because now I see that a) I was wrong, and b) I'm not writing a Pagan-enough blog :-D

Thrifty Pagan is posting about blog parties and giveaways and such, and it all looks very interesting... but...
I'm eating Amitriptyline for anxiety and pain, and I think I might not be responding to that very well. I'm having huge difficulties in concentrating and focusing, I'm really muddle-headed most of the time, very tired, I don't want to do anything, and I'm having really hard time with anxiety.

Seshat Moon Willow is talking about kitchenwitchery, and I like that, because I'm a kitchen witch :-) I'm not a fluff-bunny, but more of a stinky badger, or what it was, curmudgeoning about my ideas about Pagans, Christians and Wizards ;-)

Someone mentioned Frosted Petunia's Tea Party Under October Moon... The blog itself is a visual feast :-D
I love the idea of a witchy tea party under full moon...

Darn, I'm not feeling good. I have a splitting head-ache, gloves of pain and demons whipping my back... I just read Eva Ibbotson's Great Ghost Rescue, and I so identify myself with Hag during the exorcism... 
If this is caused by my enemies the magical way, they can be happy, because I wouldn't wish this to my worst enemy. Be happy for you have succeeded, and let me be now, ok?

And here's Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween...

And now I'm all done. I think I made 6 blogs :-) Do try to visit them all, and please, leave a comment, if nothing else just "Hi!"

Added after some resting:

I just love cooking and recipes: It's pumpkin time again

This is my comment:
I like pumpkins :-) They behave a bit like both roots and fruits.
You can also use the recipes made for carrots and sweet potato for pumpkin. ;-)

In this family we love pumpkin in all shapes and sizes :-D Pumpkin pie, pumpkin casserole and pumpkin-apple-jam are most often made.

Our pumpkin-apple-jam is very much like this one:
and pumpkin casserole is a bit like this one:
Also oven-roasted pumpkin as side dish... yum :-)

Here's a little more

I also like graveyards

Live Wicca posted some ghost movies. I'd add The Others with Nicole Kidman.

Now, I have lost the page, but someone posted about Samhain myths and lies...
Here is Isaac Bonewitch's version. "Halloween Errors and Lies". May he rest in peace :-)
Here's about the Poisoned Halloween Candy urban legend
It is so sad that kids are being warned to take unwrapped and homemade candy... I'm sure that's 100% commercial invention to make people buy candy and support the big industry. :-(

I also love this one: Creepy Freaky Friday: Ode to the Night Walkers

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