Monday, October 25, 2010

Little one

For this I have used some of ShabbyPrincess' papers and Inkadinkado's stamps. I just adore that autumn cat! Ingenious!

I absolutely adore these mad black cat cookies :-D

I also love these mad alien pumpkins :-D

I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo, for 6th time... I haven't won once :-D It says a lot of my... attention span? Endurance? Commitment capacity? I am multitalented, and it has been a curse as well as a blessing (like everything else...) While I am good at almost anything I do, I can't choose to limit myself to do just one thing. Also, I get interested quickly, and bored as quickly. (Well... quickly and quickly... it usually takes like 3 weeks or so. Not enough for a true commitment, but not quickly enough for me to have ADHD. :-D)

This with commitment makes me think of marriage... I have been married to my husband for 11 1/3 years. I don't see any end to this marriage, I'm fully satisfied and happy... but many would be amazed by how long we have been together...
This is the longest relationship my husband has had, friends included. He has ADHD and some (most) people have problems with that. I come from a family where we suspect many members have some sort of neurological function... er... difference?
I have Asperger's. (I know, it's counted as kind of Autism and I am considered having "bio-neurological  developmental disability", but most Aspies are just as functional as anyone else. There really aren't many "sane" people in the world :-D Most of us suffer from some sort and grade of disorder.)
I find some of his quirks irritating and we fight, but I love him because of who and what he is, and what irritates me is the other side of what attracts me. One can't have one without the other.
The main thing is that when I am to describe him, I would say he's kind, gentle, loving, intelligent, an artist and an inventor... his creativity, eye, understanding of proportions, colors and shapes, his ingenuity... Also, I think he's good-looking too :-D He has a wonderful sense of humor, we are interested in the same things, he loves to read and share what he reads... None of the things I think of when I think of him irritates me the least :-D Sure, he's a sour bear when he wakes up, takes a long time to wake, and usually sleeps to afternoon. He's excellent procrastinator and forgets what he was supposed to be doing. He's codependent and tries to "fix" problems he shouldn't, and every now and then he's hopelessly impractical, and gets these "ideas" that are not that good.
But... I think our marriage is not a commitment issue. It's just... when I married him, I made him part of my family, and I can think of divorcing him just as little as divorcing my parents or my siblings, and "un-making" them my family... it's not a question of being used to being married or being too lazy to change things... it's just that he's my family now.

I think I need to make writing my family.

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