Friday, October 8, 2010

One leg on the other side...

Another really easy layout. You can use also a single color paper as the base. The white paper is for journaling, the grey area is for the photo. A piece of patterned paper, a piece of patterned vellum, stamps or stickers for cat and raven, then staple on some ribbons, and you're ready :-)

I really like simple ribbons like that :-)


"A dying elderly is like a burning library"

October 1st is the International Day of Older People.

"Let your child spend time with older family members, a grandmother for instance. Encourage your relative to tell your child stories about the family. What is the family history - did someone immigrate from Ireland, Russia, and so forth? Did anyone grow up during the Great Depression? How did grandpa and grandma meet? Share your family stories with your children. Bring out old photos."

I'm sure your grandparents know some good ghost stories :-)

I was born in 1969, my parents 1935 and all my grandparents were born on the first decade of 20th century. They are all dead now, and I feel the void they left behind every time I think about them. I didn't know my mother's father very well, he died before I was born ;-) My father's mother died when I was 13, and I wasn't one of her favorites (to put it mildly), so I didn't know her much either. I like to think I had a warm relation with my mother's mother and my father's father, and I miss them both very much. I didn't really know what to do with grandparents, before now... and now is too late.

So, what to do with grandparents? Listen to them.
They have two lifetimes of experience more than you do, they have met a lot of people, seen much, heard much, thought much...
I would have wanted to know what was my grandfather's favorite book, and what did he think of the "new" inventions, like television... What was it like in the Olympic games in Helsinki 1952. What was it like to travel with my grandmother. I know they went to London and Copenhagen, but that's all I know. How much did he speak English? What did he think about Israel? How did he think about God and spirituality? Did he believe in ancestral spirits?
I will never know.

To something else:

I like this little book. You can make it also by using tape as hinges. I think the doors and mechanical elements fit especially well on Samhain. It makes it kind of a haunted house with surprises :-D

Black and white Halloween decoration.I personally like to add more color; pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, turnip ;-)
BTW, make a little experiment this year: Make four "pumpkin" pies - of these four vegetables... and see what you like the different flavors.

How to throw a black-and-white ball
Better Homes and Gardens' black and white halloween
Country Home's black and white halloween projects
Hmm... I saw in one of the blogs participating in Samhain Blog Party a course or something about making vintage ghosts...

Halloween spookspiration

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