Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gary Zukav's The Seat of Soul

I got myself Gary Zukav's The Seat of Soul and I am disappointed.

I thought this "new spirituality" is something good and nice, but now I see that it is just neo-Christian imperialism... The sugar dripping from the pages is nauseating.

The book and the theories presented in it are all based on a couple of Usonian ideas:

1) Christianity is the highest form of the "old" spiritualities, therefore the Christian ideals are desirable and true, and Jesus was a "great teacher". Any "new" form of spirituality is therefore also built on Christianity.

2) The Usonian way of life, Usonian dream, Usonian attitudes, POV and values are the best way of life, but as it leaves no space for spirituality, it must be adjusted a little, but only a little. Because Usonians believe that there are no more values than freedom and power, the Usonians believe that the whole world believes the same way, and therefore telling people that there are other values that are actually more beneficial to the humankind in whole and to each individual, is seen as something new and revolutionary. That the "old" world has been thinking this way for over 4000 years is totally irrelevant, unless of course, one is referring to Indians. (Which word in itself basically means "the people who live by the river Indus", that is Pakistanis, but who cares.)

3) "It's my way or the highway", meaning that in spite of all the talk of diversity and freedom, everyone is expected to hold the same values and principles and appreciate the same things, so naturally everyone WANTS the same dreams and goals and the best result would be uniformity - everyone being copies of each other, sharing thoughts and values, worshiping the same God (that is, Jesus, called "universal principle" or what ever) - everyone being Usonian. :->

So this is practically of no value to me, who actually thinks that the humankind is born with "desirable and good ideals", who think Christianity is NOT the highest form of spirituality and Usonians are not ideal people. I'm disappointed, but - not that surprised.


Anonymous said...

You are neo-dictatorship. You try to rule our minds. You will fail.

Ketutar said...

It is refreshing that you are not commenting as anonymous.

I think there's some words missing in the first sentence of your comment. A person is not a concept.

I don't think there is anything new about dictatorship, so this concept "neo-dictatorship" is unknown to me. Let me guess, something USonian?

I would like you to explain me how you imagine a personal opinion expressed in a personal blog could be "trying to rule your minds". I don't see anything in my blog telling people they have to agree with me, not even that they have to read what I write :-D Or that this blog of mine is anything else than a personal opinion expressed in a personal blog :-D

Which makes me wonder if you even know what the words you use mean.

BTW, what made you come to my blog?