Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some feedback, please?

Now I have been making more than one layout for every day of October. I love doing these, playing with colors, papers, textures and whatnots, but what do you think?
Would you like me to continue doing this?
Anyone out there, who actually appreciates what I do?
I would like to hear from you. :-)


Dragonfly said...

I am loveing your layouts, as I also like scrapbooking they are what attracted me to your blog and now I've got you on my blog roll I keep checking when you do a new one and found I also like your chatter and thoughts about stuff. Sorry I've not commented before, I've had a rotten couple of months, so not done much crafting and all my halloween plans sort of went out the window, but I do aim to use some of your layouts on scrap lifts when I feel a bit better, they are really good. I will of course give credit to you for the design when I do the lifts.
Best Wishes
Jane x

Ketutar said...

Thank you, Jane :-)
I'm sorry to hear you have had some bad months in your life :-( I hope it will clear out very soon, and you will get interested in crafting again :-) It can be very helpful in bad situations.

I have been inspired by all the amazing scrapbookers out there, and I couldn't do anything I do without having learned from all of them, so the credit, I think, belongs to the whole internet scrapbooking community. :-)