Monday, October 11, 2010

3600 summer cats...

Some idiot here in Sweden let out 3600 minks from a fur farm. I don't thin k it's ok to raise and kill animals just for luxury furs, but letting the animals out in the cold October... it's like taking kittens in June and then leaving them at the summer cottage alone, to fend for themselves, when Autumn comes and the rest of the family moves back to the city. It's like stealing someone's cat just to take it to wilderness and leave it there.

Now, most of these minks come back home when it's time to eat, but there are always plenty who won't... Most of them will starve to death, some of them will be emptying the countryside from all small life, like mice, causing an imbalance in the nature, stealing food from the natural wildlife that has been regulating the size of the colonies according to the amount of food... which in turn will cause some wild martens, foxes and other small predators to starve to death in Spring.

So "kind" of you, "animal lover". I hope you have nightmares REST OF YOUR MISERABLE, SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, STUPID LIFE.

But here's a Samhain layout for photos of your black cat ;-)

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mrsb said...

Oh, that just breaks my heart! Poor things!