Sunday, October 3, 2010

3/31 SBP

First week of October is the American Breastfeeding week.
In this issue of Blessed Bee is a breastfeeding ritual
Rumina, Goddess of Breastfeeding mothers

This scrapbook layout has also been inspired by someone... and now I have totally lost all the credit information. :-( I apologize.
Anyway, the base is black, worn paper, on top of that a self-painted paper, ripped, scratched, worn and painted. That has been stamped and the photo is being held by two 3-D skeleton hands.

You are walking to the house where the party is. It's evening, and at October the evenings are dark and wet. It's nice to walk to the house with all lights burnings, decorated with fairy-lights and lanterns :-)


Joe the neighbor is being missed... Perhaps you could replace him in your neighborhood? Perhaps not, as it costs quite a lot to and uses a lot of electricity to have electric lights... perhaps you could burn lanterns and such?

Outdoor halloween decorations
Why is it such a fun to see witches harmed?

Setting the scene outdoors

Home and Garden's outdoor decoration ideas

Ideas: Little Houses

I love these pumpkin rump bloomers :-D

Nick Stokes Halloween Paper Doll :-D

Halloween paper globe

Halloween Paper Roundup, part 1
Halloween Paper Roundup, part 2
Halloween Paper Crafts and Printables

Oh, and don't miss Countdown To Halloween - do something Halloweeny/Autumny every day and share with your readers.

The Legend of Stingy Jack was today's Haunted Blog Tour blog :-D

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