Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thoughts about decluttering and organizing

I am quite p'd off with the cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing hysteria going on in the world.

I LOVE my Edwardian bohemian home.

Oh, yeah, I like it cluttered.
We have book shelves overflowing of books, and yes, all of them has been read by either of us, most by both. I love art and every empty space is covered with art. I love oriental rugs. I love cushions and throws, I love decorating with textiles, I love statues. I love Chinese furniture. I love swords and knives. I love country kitchens and displays made with interesting objects, like right now I can see one "display" with a clock, two books, two miniature pumpkins, candle lantern, a bottle and a picture in frame. A little right from that I can see a "display" with more candle lanterns, picture and some animal toys I've made, sitting in a ceramic tree I've also made. Over that there's a little Victorian shelf with my fox collection. I love boxes and tins.I love flowers, and I don't care if they are "real" or fabric or paper or what ever.

I know it doesn't LOOK "organized" and "neat" and "tidy" and what ever, but this is the way I want my home to look, and don't you stick your nose into my home and start telling me I HAVE to organize my life better, because it's not working, because I can't find anything, and I can't focus and what ever crap you can come up with. I can find anything I need, unless my dear ADHD husband has borrowed it and left it somewhere.

Sure, I love storage systems, solutions and filing as much as any other Aspie, but fancy storage systems aren't that cheap, you know.

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