Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only five days left...

This one is very simple, but I like it :-)
I used the colors from the background paper. The photo is mounted on two papers, first one orange that is dabbled with different shades of orange, on that sits a dark purple paper. The tops of the tags are colored too, one with orange, the other with yellow, both taken from the background. They are fastened under the photo with ribbons, rusty brown and purple, both colors from the background.


The Witch in the Tea Closet said something about Tea Time Tuesdays... I am very fond of the English tea ceremony :-D I think I have mentioned it earlier.

I don't have flu, thank Goddess for that. I have something else. Ache all over my body. My husband looked at me over the breakfast table and said that I look really sick :-D He's a charmer, he :-D (I know, I know, it was for sympathy, he tried to get me go to bed. Nevertheless...)

I am tired and I need to fetch my niece from the Finland ferry tomorrow morning. I like my niece very much, but I wish I didn't need to get up and going so early in the morning. (8 A.M. I know, I know, a lot of you are out the door already 1 and 2 hours before that, and my sisters have probably left for work, all of them, even earlier, but I don't have work, I should be able to sleep long every morning, if I choose to. I also know, that I am usually out the door with the dog about 7 A.M. anyway, but still. I want to sleep long, if I choose to :-D)

Also, I took the Mad Men Era Female Icon Quiz, and it says:

You Are a Jackie!

You are a Jackie.  "I do everything the right way."
Jackies are realistic, conscientious, and principled. They strive to live up to their high ideals.

How to Get Along with Me   
* Take your share of the responsibility so I don't end up with all the work.   
* Acknowledge my achievements.   
* I'm hard on myself. Reassure me that I'm fine the way I am.   
* Tell me that you value my advice.   
* Be fair and considerate, as I am.   
* Apologize if you have been unthoughtful. It will help me to forgive.   
* Gently encourage me to lighten up and to laugh at myself when I get uptight, but hear my worries first.

What I Like About Being a Jackie
* Being self-disciplined and able to accomplish a great deal   
* Working hard to make the world a better place   
* Having high standards and ethics; not compromising myself   
* Being reasonable, responsible, and dedicated in everything I do  
* Being able to put facts together, coming to good understandings, and figuring out wise solutions   
* Being the best I can be and bringing out the best in other people

What's Hard About Being a Jackie   
* Being disappointed with myself or others when my expectations are not met   
* Feeling burdened by too much responsibility   
* Thinking that what I do is never good enough   
* Not being appreciated for what I do for people   
* Being upset because others aren't trying as hard as I am   
* Obsessing about what I did or what I should do   
* Being tense, anxious, and taking things too seriously

Jackies as Children Often   
* Criticize themselves in anticipation of criticism from others   
* Refrain from doing things that they think might not come out perfect   
* Focus on living up to the expectations of their parents and teachers   
* Are very responsible; may assume the role of parent   
* Hold back negative emotions ("good children aren't angry")

Jackies as Parents   
* Teach their children responsibility and strong moral values   
* Are consistent and fair   
* Discipline firmly

Yeah... sort of. And sort of not. I think Grace might be closer to who I really am. But - who am I to question the quizdom? Quizzes are always right and correct :-D

The Golden Eagle's Blog had Teaser Tuesday yesterday. Ok, let's do that then:

C.C.Bergius: Medaljonki (The Medallion)

"Ensin kaikki suui tosin verrattomasti helpommin kuin hän oli otaksunut, ja se oli ilman muuta Horatiuksen ansiota, tämä kun riisui ensimmäisenä tunikansa ja asettui paikallensa hänen näkemättä. Hänen hienotunteisuutensa teki Isidoralle helpommaksi suoriutua siitä, mitä hän oli pelännyt, ja hän olisi tuntenut olonsa täysin vapautuneeksi, joillei olisi pannut merkille sitä, että hänen miehensä virnuili häijysti katsellessaan malliensa varovaista asettumista toivottuun asentoon."

"First everything went splendidly easier than she had assumed, and it was without doubt thanks to Horatius, who took first off his tunic and positioned himself when she wasn't watching. His sensitivity made it easier for Isidora to do what she had feared and she would have been fully unreserved if she hadn't noticed how her husband grinned meanly as he watched his models careful settling into their desired positions."

I bought this book from second hand store for two reasons: my maiden name is Bergius, and this is book about past lives and how the human destinies are woven together. In this book there are five stories of two people; Isa and Phil. First is from modern time, when Isa finds an Egyptian medallion she recognizes, even though she hasn't ever seen it before. It turns out that she has, in her earlier life as Egyptian Isis, Roman Isidora, Spanish Isabel and French Isabelle. In each life she received the medallion from the love of her life, Phil - or Fiops, Philippus, Felipe, Philippe, as he was called in each time and culture...
I think it's interesting that it doesn't seem to have been translated to any other language but Portuguese and Finnish. It was originally written in German. It has been said by some people to be the best historical book they have ever read... Well. It is interesting. I might translate it into English :-D

I like the book, but it turned out that C.C.Bergius was not Bergius at all but Egon-Maria Zimmer :-D He took the name to honor Friedrich Bergius, the German chemist, who got Nobel Prize for Bergius method; turning coal into synthetic fuel.

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Interesting teaser! It is a bit surprising it hasn't been translated before.