Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkins, bees and saboteurs

I like number 13. Every time it's 13th, I feel a little excited jump inside me. 13th is special. Every Friday 13th has been perfect to me :-) I was always happy if we had a test in school on Friday 13th, I knew I'd always get a 10. :-D

It's the first day of my bee keeping class, and I don't want to go. It's cold outside, I have nothing to wear, I need to take a train and a buss and travel an hour to get there, it's strange people I've never met before, and why do I want to learn bee keeping? I remember how excited and happy I was, how proud I was when I took the step and signed in for the course... and now I don't want to go. Not at all. No reason. I won't regret not going. I don't want to go, I won't go...
I know I want to. I know I will be miserable if I won't. I've already paid, and 1000 kronas is a lot of money for us. I keep reading things about bee keeping, like "The Barefoot Beekeeper: Why do you want to keep bees?" or "So You Want To Keep Bees?" and... it's like...
I have a pet. A dog. I don't need another.
I hate honey and beeswax.
I won't be doing any stuff with this. I don't do anything already as it is. Why would it change just because I go to a beekeeping course.

I go and meditate and try to catch this self-saboteur inside me telling me not to go.

I think this one is fun :-) You cut out pumpkin pattern from orange cardboard and dapple some green on the stump. You dapple the ivy leaves on the base paper, glue on the pumpkins, then stamp on the pumpkin. Journal box is white paper glued on dappled cardboard. Pictures are cut into pumpkin shapes and glued onto the pumpkins.

32 creative ways to decorate a pumpkin.
I still prefer the good, old, traditional face :-D

"Make a witch's cord
Witch's cords are beautiful and make great decorations. The Samhain witches cord should be an expression of what you wish or hope for the New Year. Take three strands of ribbon or silk cord in three different colors, each about three three feet long. Choose colors that symbolize your hopes for the New Year. Fold one end down about five inches and tie together in a knot to make a loop so the cord can be hung. Braid the strands together, reciting your wishes and hopes and tie at least three knots on the tail. You can add anything you want to the cords - feathers, stones, herbs, little toys, tokens in remembrance of a loved one, etc."

I like Julie's taste :-D

repurposed tricks and treats - Nice!

Halloween craft inspiration from Flickr -Here's some of my favorites:
Monster Petal by JunkerJane
brooch by Noia Land
La Muerta by Gwen
Prim Black Halloween Cat by Old World Primitives
Extremely crouchy Blackie by Violetpie (My husband says that's the way my cats looked at him...)
Jackyll and Hide by HelloYarn! - this is a brilliant Halloween costume :-) One size fits all, it's cheap, easy but very effective, and reusable :-) Here's the blog entry.
Seasonal Home Decor by Tiffany Jane

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