Thursday, October 28, 2010

"we need to be concerned about human interference"?

"no one is here at our request, but at the creators request, and they are provided for by him. we need to trust the process of creation that god has set into place for us, to be complete.
human interference in that process is the only one that we need to be concerned about. we can reduce our interference most definitely.
reducing other peoples interference is a more difficult problem.
it is a matter of balance, not absolutes. guidelines, not laws or rules."

I don't agree with this person.
I don't think God could possibly have put over 6 billion people on this little blue planet so that we could try to avoid "interfering" with each other :-D
Of course I could be staring at my own navel and vibrate to a different level of existence, and it would be very peaceful, harmonic, serene and I would not get into trouble with others... unless the day they decide that they want the spot I'm sitting on, or that I'm doing "it" wrong >:->

Then - I happen to believe we NEED laws and rules, because people just ignore "guidelines", interpret them as they like and claim to be following them.

Just look at Christians. Now, Christianity is the biggest, single religion.
One could think that the guidelines, that is, the Greek Scriptures, would be enough... but are they?
Do you think that an Indian Catholic person is following the guidelines the same way as a Usonian Evangelical? Or Scandinavian Lutheran, or Kenyan Protestant? In fact, if you ask the Usonian Evangelical, he will tell you that the others aren't even Christian. :->

No. Take a simple law, "thou shalt not kill", and people understand that killing others might be a bad idea. They might discuss what exactly was meant with "kill", if it means "murder", if abortion can be included, or death penalty, or euthanasia. Are animals included, etc. but they understand, that killers are not good people.
The law itself is much easier to follow than the guideline "But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment." Eh?
"shall be in DANGER of judgment? You mean, it's not certain? That some times it's ok to be angry with your "brother" and call them names, and one might get away with it? Besides... I'm not angry, precisely... I'm just a bit annoyed by him, because he thinks he's all that and harasses others with his "rules" and "laws"

So - this is his opinion, and I cordially disagree.

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