Monday, October 18, 2010

Profanity doesn't hurt

Profanity doesn't hurt anything except some people's sensitivities, "decency". Verbal bullying, on the other hand, can cause PTSD, which is one of the biggest causes of people not being able to function as well as they would otherwise, causing economical and social problems. Cussing just makes some tightpants uncomfortable.
Now, that doesn't mean you don't need to think what kind of language you use. Profanities give a bad impression of you. People using profanities are considered stupid and inconsiderate. If you are ok with this impression of you, or think people shouldn't be judging others due to such shallow reasons, don't stop cursing.

If you think one shouldn't be cussing, then don't cuss. Don't "replace" cussing with anything, just stop.

I grew up in a family where no-one cursed, ever, for any reason, in any language, in any manner, form or style. That means, that if someone managed to hit oneself on thumb with a hammer, one perhaps yelled "AUCH!", but didn't swear, curse or cuss. No "hopscotch", "santa vaca", "bumblebee" or four letter words. So I know there is no need for such words.

When one felt frustrated in traffic, one didn't start saying "for crying out loud". My father might take a deep breath or smile sarcastically when someone did something stupid in traffic, but no swearing, no verbal expressions of frustration or anger, no exclamations, interjection or emphatics. Frankly, I don't think any of us felt especially frustrated in traffic at all. There will always be idiots in the traffic, so you shouldn't enter thinking there aren't any. Just change your attitude, and think that it may take the time it does. Put on the radio and sing along, if you can't stop getting irritated by what others are doing.

"Oh my gosh!" is saying "oh my God!" in a way one thinks one isn't using God's name in vain... but what IS God's name? Who knows it's not Gosh? Just don't. It really is quite adequate to say "aah!" and "ooh!" or use a little more words to say "this is ---".

Saying "holy cow" in any language is just as unnecessary. Just don't.

Giving someone "whole turkey" is just as profane as showing them your midfinger. There is no need for such sign language.You don't need to tell another person that you are upset with them, neither do you need to respond to people telling they are upset with you. It is quite enough to learn and use the polite signs, like "hi", "bye", "ok", and "thank you".

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