Thursday, October 14, 2010

Children's Feast

It's not only ancestors and old people who should be remembered during Samhain. The generations continue to the other direction, to the children and grandchildren too, and a lot of Samhain celebration should be done with kids in mind - inner kids included :-)

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My husband had ideas about scrapbooking layouts, so I made the following two for him. I'm not too fond of them, but... I love my husband and his 6 years old inner child :-)

The bear in pumpkin suit is from here: mypersonilizedbears.
I don't know if she has drawn it, or if it's drawn by someone else, but it's cute and my hubby is a bear, so...

I'm really not happy with this one... perhaps I'll change it in the future. It looks a bit like a 50's poster.

P.S. About the bee keeping course yesterday. It wasn't an inner saboteur in action. It turned out that when I actually listened to the inner voice, she had fully acceptable, reasonable, valid reasons not to go, so I didn't go.
The basic thing is that I AM sick. I DO suffer from "mental illness", how ever nasty connotations the word has. I do suffer from social phobia and panic anxiety disorder due to having Asperger's and having been bullied through my teens. I never really learned the correct social codes... It is so sad that people are not aware of the impact of these years in the end of our childhood... it's horrible that kids in such a sensitive and chaotic mental state have to live through High School... I wonder if there are ANY people who actually LIKED the High School, and would want to go back... I have heard even the popular kids, the beautiful people, talk about how horrible High School was.
In my mind young people SHOULD be separated during the school time according to their gender and interests. Or home-schooled.
The problem with homeschooling is that mothers (who most of the time are responsible for teaching the kids) are not qualified teachers. I mean, anyone can be a teacher, but being a GOOD teacher is VERY difficult and requires a LOT of talents and empathy.

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