Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why not legalize drugs

Mario Vargas Llosa has been chose to receive the Nobel Prize for literature this year.
Mario Vargas Llosa, with some other big names, have been vocal about "the war on drugs". I have to say it makes sense.

We have no right to tell other people how they are to live their lives. We shouldn't try to forbid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, just because SOME people are hurt, damaged, killed by these things.
We cannot forbid usage of the non-renewable energy sources, we cannot force people to stop using oil and oil products, we cannot force people to stop eating meat.
Why should we be able to forbid drugs and force people to stay clean?

The thing is that I wouldn't use drugs even if they were legal. I don't smoke, I don't drink coffee, and I drink alcohol very moderately, like a class of wine at big family dinners, three times a year.

Most people who don't do drugs, wouldn't even if it was legal. It's still stupid.

Most people who do drugs, are not stopped by the hard drug laws. On the contrary, because people do ANYTHING to get drugs, illegalizing drugs has caused a raise in prostitution and crime, because people WILL lie, steal and sell their body to get drugs. They have to.
We have people who get very rich by providing drugs to people, and a lot of people are hurt by these people.

In the 19th century drugs were legal all over the Western world, and not only that, they were considered useful and good. People recommended the use of drugs. Sherlock Holmes used drugs, Count of Monte Cristo used drugs. The world still turns and the Western Civilization hasn't disappeared. Right now it feels like it never will...

I think Mario is right. I think we are only giving money to the different organizations, government bodies, offices, and officers, for nothing substantial. And at the same time, we are giving money to the opposite side, drug lords and exploitation and dehumanizing people in the different phases of drug production and use.

Slippery slope arguments are logical error and bad argumentation.

Why Should We Legalize Drugs by dr. Benson B. Roe
What if we legalized all drugs? by Shirley Skeel
Legalize drugs now! by Walter Block and Meaghan Cussen
LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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