Monday, October 4, 2010

Baking for Samhain

A very simple layout: just one paper, nice ribbon, some 3D lettering and white pen for journaling.

"In parts of western Brittany, Samhain is still heralded by the baking of kornigou, cakes baked in the shape of antlers to commemorate the god of winter shedding his 'cuckold' horns as he returns to his kingdom in the Otherworld."

The only place where ANYONE has been able to find anything about these mysterious cakes is the Bulleting of the Archaelogical Society of Finistère, Volume VII, 1879-1880. The article is about the fair of Saint Corentin, on December 11th.

"It was during these two days, and only then, that local bakers came to Quimper to sell "little corners", (Kornik or Kornigoú), odd brioches, that were made of wheat flour and without sugar, in triangular shape that reminded of a miter or an old hat, perhaps as reference to the bishop of Cornwall. These mysterious cakes are dense and have a bitter taste, but it must be a very old tradition, and perhaps gives an idea of what our fathers found delicious."

cake in Breton is kouign and st.Corentin is Kaourintin.

I would make either Kouign Amann  or the "ordinary" breton butter cake with buckwheat... I think that's closer to the original, as it's not very sweet, and because it's made of buckwheat and orange juice, it is slightly bitter...
You can also try the Breton biscuits or Breton cakes.
It really is - what ever rocks your boat, because I'm pretty sure there never was such a tradition in Brittany.

Here's some "spooky Halloween treats".I think a haunted gingerbread house might be fun :-D

With marshmallow or meringue ghosts :-)

Tips on making terrifyingly tasty treats


I found this article about divination, a sceptic trying to explain how divination "works".

In my blog hop I noticed someone mentioning chestnuts, someone was advertising a nifty tea infuser give-away, two people posted something they had written (I didn't like one (and her blog is a mess), but the other was pretty interesting) and someone is in need of help and healing.

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