Thursday, October 7, 2010

Traditions and ancestors

Another simple scrapbook layout.
Nice paper on the bottom, on that a paper of one color, on that another nice patterned paper, on that some stamping (the same used previously - to bind it together), and on that the black base for photos. You can also add white borders around photos, that is add one more white layer. The subject line is stamped or printed on the same color paper as layer #2.

~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@  ~<--@ 

I feel very close to the Chinese and North Asian spiritual traditions and one of them is Ancestral worship. I believe I come from a long line of witches, and even my non-witch ancestors are out there, capable of influencing this world, able to help me, advice me, mediate with me and Gods - if that was needed - and, just be there for me.

I am not very good at serving my ancestors, but that is one part of my spirituality I wish gets a bigger part in my life. I would very much like to built a Spirit House for my ancestors, similar to Queen Mary's Doll House. :-D After all, I am going to live in it too, one day, or the spiritual counterpart of it.
One thing that comes to mind is the Silent Supper (also Dumb Supper or Mute Supper).

Here's some really nice ideas on how to decorate for Halloween
and here's some more. I really like Country Living :-D

I also adore black-and-white china used with pumpkins and orange tablecloth :-)

I think these candy topiaries are great :-) You could also make a kransekake, or meringue croque-en-bouche as an edible base. And don't GLUE the candy on the cone. Use melt sugar or frosting.

I really hate it when people use edible things just as decoration, not to be eaten. But, I'm poor. Wasting food is a sin. (Not that candy is food, but we had like one box or bag of candy to be divided in 8, when I was a kid. Candy is luxury.)

BTW, don't use spiders or other things like that as dinner table decoration. Some people are really sensitive about food and loose their appetite, and dinner parties are supposed to be enjoyable for all.

Something different:
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