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"I've enjoyed using affirmations for several years. It is free, easy and usually effective. For myself, it is the simple repeating a positive phrase in front of the mirror, in the car, or writing it on paper. Whenever I catch myself thinking something I don't want, I try to "change that thought" to be a new one. Here are some techniques I use with affirmations to change my behaviors. Feel free to modify them for your own use as I have for mine."
Lorraine V.
Mirror Technique:
This technique is great for helping you see yourself as beautiful. I learned this from Louise Hay books and modified it for my own use.
Stand in front of the mirror, preferably in underwear or naked. Start at one end of your body & work to the other end finding as many nice things to say about your body as you can. For example: "I love my ears. They hear well and enable me to listen. They have a beautiful shape. I love my wonderful ears."

Doing this techniques helps you find and appreciate more of you. All of your body does important functions. Your eyes see, ears hear, nose smells, and heart pumps blood.

Anywhere technique:
Whenever you catch yourself thinking something you would rather not, here is a technique that works rather well. It is based on NLP techniques.
Hear the phrase you said diminishing in volume until it disappears, then hear the phrase you want to say grow louder.
Alternately, you can see the "picture" of what you didn't like go spin away from you and have the picture of what you do want spin towards you.
Writing Technique:
I call this technique "Giving the problem to Spirit". Scott Adams used a version of this technique to change his life. It worked well for him, perhaps it will work for you.

Simply sit down at a table and write what you would like in your life 15 times every day. An example is: "I am healthy, happy, wise and free". When you are done know that the universe is taking care of it.

Trash Can Technique:
Good for getting rid of negative thoughts

Whenever you find something you don't like, write it down and throw it into the trash.
By doing this, you are telling the universe, I want to be done with this problem, please help me work through it and be done with it.

Meditation Technique:
Look for divine inspiration while repeating your affirmation

Sit quietly and ask your inner guide, universe, God, and/or guardian angel (whatever fits your belief system) for insights, help and guidance. Then quietly repeat your affirmation for 10-15 minutes. Sit quietly fo 5 minutes afterwards for any insights.

Exercise Technique:
Very nice for active people and for many health related goals.

Repeat your affirmations while exercising. Soon they will be part of your thought process.

Integration Technique:
A technique for actively working on your goals

While repeating your affirmation, actively think of ways to integrate your affirmation into your life. For example: if your affirmation is "I have a great xxxxx": find ways of loving your xxxxx, improving your relationship with xxxxx, and best ways of achieving xxxxx.

Frankly, a "Vision Board" is just another spell.

"The Secret" has become a big hit... oddly enough, because all that existed even before. People just weren't doing it. So now it has become a "lingo".
- Vision boards remixed (about creating a life aspect specific boards.)
- Creating the vision (this lady goes all the way out with the goal...)
“A vision is not just a picture of what could be;
it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”
Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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