Thursday, April 4, 2013


The Goddess is creation
the Goddess is birth
The Goddess is death

She is the young woman
the spring
that opens earth's womb
and gives warmth and life to earth
She is the wind in spring
she is the joy
she is the soul of the earth
she is love and lovemaking
she is receiveness
she is fertility
she is the blooming
she is peace, joy and light
she is the creator
she comes from the darkness and
spreads the light.

The Goddess is Creation
the Goddess is Birth
The Goddess is Death

She is the Mother
She is Birth
She is the Child
She is the Giver of Life
She is the Spring for ever flowing
from the mother's breast
She is the Quickening of Life
from the Mother's Cave
She is the Green Fertile Earth
Protectress of All Life
She is the Swelling of Woman
She is the Weight
She is the Womb
with the full grown Child
She is the Child Bearing Woman
Fertility and Overflowing
She is Summer and Autumn

The Goddess is creation
The Goddess is birth
The Goddess is death

She is the old woman
and the ancient wisdom
She is the fall,
leaves that slowly fall
towards the ground
the Winter
Long sleep
the Womb of the Earth
She lightens up the riches of the underworld
She rules over Life and Death
She is the magick
She is the Mystery
She is the power
She is the Fire that burns
around the mountain of death
She is the Queen of the Witches
She is the Skillful

Written by me, Ketutar Jensen, possibly 1999, 2000, somewhere there.

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